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Subject: "lol.... the Pau trade being on the list is a joke..." Previous topic | Next topic
Warren Coolidge
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Tue Feb-18-14 04:29 PM

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9. "lol.... the Pau trade being on the list is a joke..."
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Marc Gasol has done plenty to justify that trade... it's not even close to being lopsided..

But the Worthy deal should be higher for sure... What Cleveland was thinking about swaping 1st round picks with the Lakers and basically trading Butch Lee for Don Ford.... I never understood why Cleveland made that deal.... The Lakers were already a championship level team...and Cleveland was a terrible team. How could they have ever thought that the pick they were sending the Lakers was going to be worse than the pick the Lakers got back from them???

never understood that..

and to top it off ..obviously the Cleveland front office knew who the ballers in College basketball were at the time...Worthy...Cummings...Dominique..... and more....

that is the most lopsided deal ever in my book...

another interesting thing is that the Lakers being able to draft Worthy..and previously Magic Johnson is what started to open the door for the league to adjust how the draft went..and how you compensate teams from losing free agents..

the Lakers got the pick to draft Magic as compensation for Gail aging over the hill Gail Goodrich signing with the Jazz....that happening meant the Jazz had to give the Lakers 3 picks as compensation including the 1st round pick that became Magic...

then of course getting Worthy because of that Cavs deal...

Being a Laker fan and having basiclly a dynasty built behind getting 1st round draft picks in that way has always made me think it's crazy for ANY team to trade a 1st round pick...


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The Most Lopsided Trades in NBA History... [View all] , ThaTruth, Tue Feb-18-14 01:14 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
What a shitty shitty list
Feb 18th 2014
RE: What a shitty shitty list
Feb 18th 2014
#5 should be #1 without any doubt. Celts got two HOF'ers for JBC
Feb 18th 2014
^^^what he said
Feb 18th 2014
      with the Worthy trade being a strong #2 (Chad Kinch?????)
Feb 18th 2014
Feb 18th 2014
Kobe was never going to play for the Hornets...He wanted to be a Laker
Feb 18th 2014
Bron to miami
Feb 18th 2014
eh, sign-and-trades shouldn't really count
Feb 18th 2014
      lol i know.
Feb 19th 2014
Fuck Magic's cherry picking ass...
Feb 18th 2014
      Magic to the Lakers was written in the pyramids...
Feb 19th 2014
Chuck is the worst trade IMO! MVP and Finals the next season...
Feb 18th 2014
Feb 18th 2014
Dont forget we traded Hornacek to Utah year or so later for Jeff Malone
Feb 19th 2014
      the Iggy and AI trades could have been on here too...
Feb 19th 2014
      damn, the Sixers caught the bad end of a lot of these, lol
Feb 19th 2014
      I thought I was past it..
Feb 19th 2014
not defending zeke, but eddy played more than 10 games
Feb 18th 2014
that wilt trade should be top 5 & Sixers ditching Moses should be there
Feb 18th 2014
wait, the moses trade isn't on here? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo
Feb 19th 2014
      Scary to think how much iller we'd be with Moses & Barkley for 4+ years
Feb 19th 2014
Draft day trades shouldn't count
Feb 19th 2014
Some of these don't even make any sense
Feb 19th 2014
some stats on the Worthy deal...
Feb 19th 2014
As long as the Barkley trade was in the top 3
Feb 19th 2014

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