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Subject: "none of those guys have done more this year than ed" Previous topic | Next topic
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Tue Jan-22-13 09:19 PM

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40. "none of those guys have done more this year than ed"
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i have no dog in this but just go look at the numbers. he's as good this season as ibaka and larry sanders and is still getting used to being a starter. he's looked like the best player on the court in stretches.

most are just in your head because they have had the pt for a while like vucevic, hickson, tyreke, and parsons. of those only hickson has a higher PER, and that's because nobody else on his team looks for boards. and their bench is shit.

and fucking lin and fucking derozan and fucking brandon knight aren't even plus players at their position.

so yes, it's not impossible to put him at 25, even if 30 is reasonable too. 40 is just hating.

wall and drummond are better but have had limits on their playing time this year. kemba is on the same career trajectory. those are the only 3 that legitimately excite me more than ed. i assume one of them is the ghost at 23.

>Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
>Andre Drummond (yep, already)
>Nikola Vucevic
>Kemba Walker
>Chandler Parsons
>Klay Thompson
>Tyreke Evans
>John Wall
>Jeremy Lin
>Almost obvious:
>JJ Hickson
>Danilo Gallinari
>DeMar DeRozan
>Debatable, but I'd err on their side:
>Robin Lopez
>Kawhi Leonard
>Brandon Knight
>Ed Davis can compete for a spot in the Top 40 Under 25. Which,
>considering how awful he was toward the end of his college
>career and at the beginning of his pro career, is already a
>massive achievement. He's vying for a top 40 spot based on his
>last month of play. But c'mon @ the top 25. Even UNC fans are
>giving that a "fuck outta here" face.


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ESPN Best Players under 25 list and debate. I'm just the messenger [View all] , Basaglia, Tue Jan-22-13 12:03 PM
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individual debates, featuring KyKy vs Rose
Jan 22nd 2013
Damn...okc could have had 4 of these nm
Jan 22nd 2013
prolly should have
Jan 22nd 2013
Main thing I noticed, WTF!
Jan 22nd 2013
I feel like Ryan Anderson has been in the league like 10 years
Jan 22nd 2013
because he looks and moves like any ol' 6-10+ white guy
Jan 22nd 2013
i was thinking 27-28, easy. Im shocked he's 24.
Jan 22nd 2013
lol @ Ed Davis over Bledsoe... or on the list, period.
Jan 22nd 2013
Don't sleep on Ed
Jan 22nd 2013
Ed Davis has been beasting since Andrea went down, and winning
Jan 22nd 2013
he belongs on the list, but bledsoe should be higher
Jan 22nd 2013
      Players who belong above Ed:
Jan 22nd 2013
           my AD comparison post has opened eyes i see
Jan 22nd 2013
           I've watched a couple of Pistons games for my boy Singler.
Jan 22nd 2013
           i dont know where the "doesnt care" idea came from
Jan 22nd 2013
                It comes from his crazy underachieving at UConn.
Jan 22nd 2013
           i've always been pro-drummond
Jan 22nd 2013
I didn't know John Wall was 26 (please verify)...
Jan 22nd 2013
i'm just the messenger
Jan 22nd 2013
I would guess he's #11
Jan 22nd 2013
LULZ @ 18 players under 25 being better than Boogie Cousins. FOH
Jan 22nd 2013
No Duck Sauce on the menu I see n/m
Jan 22nd 2013
Top 50 Duck Sauce
Jan 22nd 2013
BROLO... The league is in good hands though, lot of great talent here
Jan 22nd 2013
Eric Bledsoe at 25 means whoever made this list doesn't watch
Jan 22nd 2013
y are u tired of seeing Rose on lists like this? I'm confused by that
Jan 22nd 2013
      Because he hasn't played 1 minute this season
Jan 22nd 2013
           on a top 25 list not everyone will win an mvp
Jan 22nd 2013
                John Wall is not on this list, why is DRose?
Jan 22nd 2013
3 UCLA Bruins...... speak on it n/m
Jan 22nd 2013
No championship pedigree
Jan 22nd 2013
and Kyrie Irving got a championship pedigree????
Jan 22nd 2013
in the top half too...
Jan 22nd 2013
first of all, who was #11? lol
Jan 22nd 2013
#11 is faried.
Jan 22nd 2013
      ahh...not sure id have him above Moose but whatever
Jan 22nd 2013
Batum & Young, exact same age height and weight
Jan 22nd 2013
yeah except they're not. actually
Jan 22nd 2013
RE: ESPN Best Players under 25 list and debate. I'm just the messenger
Jan 22nd 2013
the hate for John Wall is disgusting
Jan 22nd 2013
I agree that he unquestionably should be on this list.
Jan 22nd 2013
right? ed davis but not john wall?
Jan 22nd 2013
i wouldn't say all but He should definitely be on the list.
Jan 22nd 2013
no Kemba? this list is meaningless
Jan 22nd 2013

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