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Subject: "Can someone please make the case for icing the kicker?" Previous topic | Next topic
pretentious username
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Sun Jan-13-13 10:10 PM

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"Can someone please make the case for icing the kicker?"



There's not much statistical evidence to support it, but even just working on logic I don't think it makes sense. You may give them a practice shot if you don't time it right. If not, you're probably just giving them more time to prepare rather than siking them out (they are professionals after all, I could kinda see it at the high school or college level). And at this point they're probably expecting it, so the lack of icing might throw them off more.


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Can someone please make the case for icing the kicker? [View all] , pretentious username, Sun Jan-13-13 10:10 PM
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I'm curious as to the last time it actually worked
Jan 13th 2013
Jason Garrett did it to his own kicker
Jan 14th 2013
Alot of kickers are chokers, so keeping them on the stage longer
Jan 13th 2013
I'd also argue (with no evidence of course)
Jan 13th 2013
really? They are?
Jan 13th 2013
I can see this in a low level game, but not the NFL
Jan 13th 2013
It's dumb, it seems to only work out if its way before the snap
Jan 13th 2013
nah.. even if a whistle is blown a kicker may still try to get kick in
Jan 13th 2013
I'd just call it once the kicker lined up, not this last millisecond non...
Jan 13th 2013
right, waiting to the last second is what gets me.
Jan 13th 2013
Jan 14th 2013
      the first time I saw it (can't remember who) dude made it and
Jan 14th 2013
didn't the kicker for Dallas lose a game last year because he got iced?
Jan 13th 2013
how can you prove it was because of that? did he admit it?
Jan 13th 2013
i really wish Pete hadn't called that t.o.
Jan 13th 2013
he kicked that so long after the whistle
Jan 13th 2013
      yeah, you're probably right.
Jan 14th 2013
      agreed, looked like he just tried to boot for distance rather
Jan 14th 2013
when the end result is out of ur control
Jan 13th 2013
is it?
Jan 13th 2013
15 it for a chip shot..not a 50 yarder lol
Jan 13th 2013
there's no point.
Jan 14th 2013
^^^ yep ^^^
Jan 14th 2013

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