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Subject: "So QT's mom got dug out by Wilt?" This topic is locked.
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Thu Jan-10-13 01:07 AM

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"So QT's mom got dug out by Wilt?"



all of a sudden, his artistic motivations make sense to me...

World famous writer and director Quentin Tarantino appeared on NPR’s “Fresh Air” earlier this week to discuss the opening of his new movie, “Django Unchained.” The film, which stars Jamie Foxx and Leonardo DiCaprio, follows the journey of a slave-turned-bounty hunter who is out to rescue his wife from a Mississippi planation owner.

In talking about the movie, Tarantino got into how African-American culture was a part of his life growing up. In fact, he claimed his mother dated Wilt Chamberlain in the 1970s.

“Black culture is my culture growing up,” Tarantino explained. “Yeah, it was almost like a sitcom the way we lived in the ’70s. She was in her 20s, she was hot, alright, she was a hot white girl and her best friend named Jackie was a hot black girl and her other best friend, Lillian, was a hot Mexican girl. And they lived in this swinging singles apartment with me.

“It was the ’70s. I lived with these three hip single ladies, all always going out on dates all the time, dating football players and basketball players … my mom dated Wilt Chamberlain. She was one of the thousand.”

The entire audio is available here. The host then asked Tarantino if it affected his sense of sexuality, knowing that his mother and her friends were engaging in sexual activity basically right under his nose. Unsurprisingly, Tarantino said he was perfectly cool with it and that it was fun always having the boyfriends try to win him over by buying him footballs and taking him places.

If it were any pro basketball player other than Wilt, it may come as a surprise that a famous director’s mother dated him. With how many women Chamberlain has allegedly been with, interesting tales of his sexual endeavors are not tough to come by. After all, let’s not forget what Kobe Bryant said about Wilt’s skills.


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So QT's mom got dug out by Wilt? [View all] , Beamer6178, Thu Jan-10-13 01:07 AM
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Read: "See, black people? I'm cool! See?"
Jan 10th 2013
Yeah, this is how I feel about it.
Jan 10th 2013
so, dude is throwing his mom under the bus to cover his bare ass
Jan 10th 2013
lots of peoples moms got dug out by wilt
Jan 10th 2013
lol..yeah he may be putting some extras on it.....but
Jan 10th 2013
No shit!
Jan 10th 2013
damn lol.
Jan 10th 2013
Oh, I don't doubt at all he knows about the culture.
Jan 10th 2013
i like that you translated 'dated' to 'dug out'. lmmfBao @ that, really....
Jan 10th 2013
to be fair, though, it *is* Wilt "20,000" Chamberlain
Jan 10th 2013
      wilt was such a cyse king...a woman a day for 20 years still off pace
Jan 10th 2013
           he later admitted he was just puttin a nice round # on it, like 100 pts
Jan 10th 2013
I don't care if it's true or not, I'm choosing to believe it
Jan 10th 2013
he willing to dishonor his mom's vag for more credit on his card
Jan 10th 2013
white people will never stop looking for things to exploit for free $
Jan 10th 2013
but this is his excuse for being a wigger, not a $ grab imo
Jan 10th 2013
I'm coming to grips with him just being a titanic cornball
Jan 10th 2013
      I don't think it drips into his movies.
Jan 10th 2013
I heard this interview and it was kind of tongue in cheek
Jan 10th 2013
please keep the hollyweird stories of strange in oks gd post...
Jan 10th 2013

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