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Mon Aug-08-11 01:48 PM

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"Sorrowful, Summer in BK (2011)"



only thing I'm sorry
4/ is not going hard-body sooner
stern (howard), sharpton after he gets the green light
rigid in nature, but mentally free (peace sherry)
Stark enterprises don't got Nathan on me
disregarding the flanks of motherfuckers
planking _________________ (in my way)
excuse me, and us
we moving different now
literally and proverbial/ alike in our
in-action=tantamount to offensive resistance
to what the fuck is really good
can't you see
what u do to me
this love was meant to be
it was meant for me
choruses of short and butch-cut females
bob they heads
in agreeance with me
swollen bellies
pregnant with purpose for the future
but inside
in indifference
and memories of how they did you
when they ain't have to do it like that

So sorrowful..

Silver linin's of my puffy clouds
simply put/ was fitted for this
out-fitted even
trial's errors, our do-overs (like when was kids)
Oh how I do, in fact, long for summers in the 90's
when shit was super gangsta
grown dudes in they're 30's and 40's
with barrettes and bubbles in they hair
in suuped-up impalas with jump
not un-idiosynchric in nature
and altogether psychotic , yes...out here
on the walk here, even
it's ethereal almost
not really happening, but iz
we sing of a yearning for novacaine
no one wants to feel no more
get money, they tell me
but when I had it
it meant shit to me
cause I ain't like the options
or even the boss that paid me
the bitch was unethical, wore too much make-up
and in the end, didn't have my back
when the part was over
and shit was hectic
not @ all her fault
but I would not, and could not stay
paying for that shit now
but when these eyes close
at pulled down morning
I can and do sleep son
alotta mufuckas be up
and good for you
liars and fuckery initiates should be up
so as to give replay to what you done did
and chance to your do over
come curtain-open of morning

Sorrowful Me..

you see it
remnance of last night's fiestas
in my hood
BK never felt sooooo stifling and unashamed
for it's filth and grime
suitcases bulge
with bodies in 'em
folks having a quick coffee
and then hoppin' right in front of the train
not even 10am yet
fresh splatter of plasma
on your new hat lady
..she screams..
eyes wide

suitcases bulge, with bodies in 'em (maybe you didn't get that one)
young and old
of a larger and scarier puzzle
thoroughly unsolved, though you caught THAT one
and left, the others
to scurry off to new haunts
in the same fucking borough
questions, for the next thinker
who is unfettered and unshook
deep enough, to wade thru the mob
of the unaware
to even wanna do the arithmetic son
a peculiar & decided division

we be 2 quotient
what many left in the remainder
we bemoan the day
when a Mighty Mathemetician
gets to dicing and slicing
through the amplified fodder, that IZ
that you so enjoy, oh yes you do
how do I know?
you dress up for it
suited and booted, we used to call it in my churchier day
with not even the good sense
God gave the pigs, to @ least start runnin'
when trouble comes
not waiting around
for the punch line
from the heavyweight bullshitter

Sorrowful Me...

sorry for a young lad's family
orthodox jewish
towing their own decided line
doing what it do
only to be confronted
with the un-orthodox orthodox
(scary music ensues)
watched with these here eyes
as ebony folks, that look like me
shook they heads
and fingers
hollerin' in the bodega
and the barber shop
how they was just glad it wasn't us
behind the crime, I thought it myself
it woulda been next level
heat, crime and indifference go hand in palm
in brooklyn summers
in fact and actuality
sooooo many of us
are walking shells
intellectually disconnected, like the most unpaid of cable boxes
many having been dismembered for years
untold and untouted
unprotected and defected
from the blankets that failed to cover us
warming our bones
from the frigid temperature that besets us of current

sorry for nothing that offends you
who judge me
knowing not the battle I fought and won
with no fan fare
I was right
and was sad to find that shit out
so I slunk back to "start", for lack of further script
or instruction

I'm instead sorry that you refuse
to get it, or me, or even us
for this matter @ hand
many more will willfully run into the deep--end
for weary play in the shallow water
all you get is sun burned
and wrinkled about the ankles and feet
fuck outta here
I wanna be immersed in a fresh well'a water
hands clean
face afresh with liquid oxygen
expectant for my kids' kids' tommorrow
and thankful for being taught lessons
that are devoid of manuals
and inferred opinions
1st person baby
I seen the look on your face
at such a troubling moment
with a familiar carcass before you
before me
and all we could have ever done
was screw our faces and shake our domes
for we are those that know

until we shape this shitty thinking up
there will be more
stretched out
in front of weeping bloodlines
unaware of the games a'foot
and the dirty hands with clean gloves on for ushering others in
fuck outta here
point the way
and clear the cache
old doubt is like an old english
left open in this new york hot weather
for hours
it tastes like shit
and don't do a damn thing for your buzz

King James Bible states in (1st Corinthians 14:8-9)-"..Again, If the trumpet does NOT sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?..So it is with you."

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Sorrowful, Summer in BK (2011) [View all] , Nathaniel, Mon Aug-08-11 01:48 PM
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