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Sun Aug-07-11 08:27 PM

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1. "RE: Why I stopped masturbating?: KJV"
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Another Spell
to destroy God's Chosen

khazaras' taught us these

He showed us the porn, masturbations,
homo stuff, sexual rituals, the bohemian
grove, the horror flicks all that which
was darkness

the worshiping of idols
all the dirty things

God's Chosen were
to be the 'light' of the world, but
instead we are manipulated
and purposely forced to swim in
sin, but woe, to those spell casters
for I AM has sent the teachers to the
lost sheep and we are awakening every
second to reverse the spells and
babylon's market is crashing

the khazars has left before they
ruined this great whore and
they are watching from afar and
laughing at those who are in babylon

because the great Deaths are next,
look out for the earthquakes, chemtrails,
flouridated waters, dead fish, thousands
of flooded acres of farm, shortages of food
and the nuclear plant blowing up sending us
radiation....just a night mare I had.

God forbid

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Why I stopped masturbating?: KJV [View all] , sunlight, Sun Aug-07-11 01:01 PM
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ask GOD how to love
Aug 08th 2011
Satan tried to tempt' even Christ..woe
Aug 08th 2011

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