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Sat Aug-06-11 08:14 PM

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"truth in detox, on a rainy night"



as "i love lucy" blares from my flatscreen
I glean inspiration
from there, here on okp and anywhere else
a recovering cerebral can get it
couldn't readily get it
so I get
to sit
and fathom
this new life
of mine
in it's fullest totality
serving to distract me
from uncomfort
also tends to distract me
from talking people
when I should actually be paying much mind
so as to remove me
from my uncomfortability
i'm knowing that there are lips that move
that have yet to utter
that word
or those phrases
that'll cause that cartoon bulb
to turn yellow

I'm tired of the nice guy shit
of ducking arrows and bullets
on my way to church
and leaving..
when I sing now...
it's like my last pass
in a $1,ooo dollar an hour studio...
happy to hear it, even if nobody but the neighbors hear
Sebatical on it's 3rd year
I am getting my solo flow back
I must say
there were times when I sought for silence
and now that I get it
feels funny
felt used, back then
and thrown about by the music game
if it wasn't a sh*tty situation, it was a back handed compliment
no, sing lke this
no, don't sing so hard
nah, you gotta sing harder
yo you need some raps on this

No longer
if I sing, it's cause I wanna
and if it's for someone else
it's cause they paying
or cause I respect them, for real

the very green on my pack of newports
somehow keeps me company
and the tightness in my back
reminds me that working out pays off
been f*cking with some pilates
and honestly it's made me nicer
true story
a few stretches and leg lifts, and I'm a new nigga
in the morn, and the eve
I still wanna smoke!

detox on a rainy night

King James Bible states in (1st Corinthians 14:8-9)-"..Again, If the trumpet does NOT sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?..So it is with you."

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truth in detox, on a rainy night [View all] , Nathaniel, Sat Aug-06-11 08:14 PM
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RE: truth in detox, on a rainy night
Aug 06th 2011
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