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Wed Jun-08-11 08:16 PM

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in the now
how am I still here?
faculties in order
limbs accounted
forsaken seemingly
by the ones I wished
would get me
put in a solitary place
of service
for the rich
in one of trump's hotels
had me confused
buttoning up my uniform
freshly starched
halfway cleaned
I had to really ask my self
is this the end?
is this how you see me?
don't you want more, don't you wanna be known for more?
unequivocal yessirs, across the board

made me cry, inside
think my tear ducts are broke
from the pain of my twenties
unrequited love, loose fucking and suckin
had me numb to even wanting to try anymore
I just wanna sing
and not like musiq either
no shade, but my bulb is brighter son
in my uncomfortable spot
I was made to notice
and how worse off
they're minds were
for the wear
and the tear

So how dare I?
settle in on a langolier's bench
watching this life of mine
while there is mad work
yet undone
can't nobody whisper in my ear this time
the right note, the right word
it's hustle time in Brooklyn
and though my eyes burn
from sweat on contact
I find strength from up-top
to get up damn near the same time
to do it over

wanna do better
so my little cousins
can be proud for a reason
right now, feel like I'm living off the gloss
of former
and scared to move
in fear of fucking up even worser
but alas, sitting still is just as bad
Dad needs me, so does Moms
and I need this
to be
a bulb of light
on a shady avenue, or street
full of people


King James Bible states in (1st Corinthians 14:8-9)-"..Again, If the trumpet does NOT sound a clear call, who will get ready for battle?..So it is with you."

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Observation [View all] , Nathaniel, Wed Jun-08-11 08:16 PM
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RE: Observation
Jun 11th 2011
thank u
Jun 12th 2011

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