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Mon Jun-06-11 11:22 AM

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"headline king: burngundy tweety twiters"


Burgundy Tweety Twitts

Call this the frontier of fanillies finally or fond of emmilies movie scenes?or trophies
Or gummiewards for hummings or byebye from the pagan influence

Whatever it was'I flew away from the coup
from enslavement with the birds
And pigeons from the cage

they were all white' boring
And I was burgundy'just chillin

During the commotion
I was just smoking a cherry cigar with pink smoke streaming up'kool

How about we live away from this prison
And I rather hang with the crew you built here'examining the task
or the reason, but found none

Out of this nut box
Cause here comes the fox
And he's starvin like marvin

Above him comes the vulcher
Ready to peel his fur
And place him in the
Seplachre where he
Will live

I see there a rotation of slaughter
You harm and be harmed
So I keep on puffing away'kool

Now there a tree for me
And i made it my home
No vulchers, fox's or tree choppers
Just' Peace

Behold a squirrel comes up
To bother me' wtf
But, woe we fight and love
What's the catch? Know love is alright
I grew to fall in love with 'fight when he's here
Can see it no other way

I guess we were born this way
And i cant explain why i love to struggle or
Argue with you' until i tire of you
It will be back to' Peace in another tree
somewhere hidden from the ordained struggle
with silvester the bob cat trying to find me
So I've heard'

Man....will there be any peace?
Slant mouth :/

Moving on
So I'm tired of
Loosing faith
Flying away

trying to live in hawaii
a new tree
Home in a palm tre' sounds
Good to me
Leaning over aqua blue water

Away from one home to another'
This is permanent
No more moving out
In hopes the pest will't
Find me way over here

I'm the coolest fuckin bird you'll ever
See if you find me' that is
Here I am chillin' smokin another
Cherry cigar'kool

Not sweating a thing
Enjoy my 'Peace

Until i warrant another pal'
I'll fly back over to say' high'
If i forget you' can i lie?

Here's why i yearned for 'spirit relax
Cause them other birds
Are watchers and told the squirrel
Where i sleep, how i slept and how i whistle' those ass kissers

So i left the coup with my hot sef' dont need no one, but my peace of mind' some privacy

And I'm living it.

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headline king: burngundy tweety twiters [View all] , Babynoon, Mon Jun-06-11 11:22 AM
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