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Tue Apr-26-11 10:04 AM

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ocean eyes,
i get drowned, knocked down in your tides.
letting go is so
intoxicating, this suffocation-
a headrush of blood before the salt water throws down
& melts the breath in my lungs like a brine for love.

the night sky is right by to steal what i can't stomach.
rips the trees right thru my knees so out we'll fall,
and justice for all.

good mourning trash talker.
paint the whole world under seas so this anchor wouldn't be
floating in the clouds forming jagged ionic rainbows
with mercurial delight.
it's all about the violent fight, you're so lovely.
it's all about the view, don't you
forget the regret, even put it on my right arm.
wipe away the odd heartbeats with an onyx passion,
blacked out & bound on the ground
like a silver toothed sailor ghost watching lust drip to dust

but still,
the best thing that ever happened to me was
your eyelashes bleeding sparks into my mouth,
i couldn't close it.
awe awe awe.



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brother. [View all] , shilohnine, Tue Apr-26-11 10:04 AM
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