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Fri Sep-11-09 01:47 PM

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"cloudy day haze . ."


wrote essays, poems, on a cloudy day . .

yeah, night before last I was hangin' out with the artsy crowd
keisha pours me a robust cup of joe, no sugar, no cream . .
life imitates art while she works for the firm downtown!

we talk heat cuz it's a new football season, word up . .
hE walked diesel cologne aroma like hE owned it!
"twist one up and blaze it man!"

after y'aLL get married, chill out, love then fall outta love
love again, yeah get married and chill again . .

seems like dat nigga xavier is always givin' advice like
a switchblade of freestyles!
it's like some oF the coolest poetry from the rhythm of compassion

yeah, in 24 hours I get more eccentric than psychotic
when I sip cafe co-co . .
the last wordz he said on the mic . .
"I wrote essays, poems, on a cloudy day!"

guilty of everything

they showed us phYsically, we could reach infinitY, but mentally, through the century, we lost our identitY


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cloudy day haze . . [View all] , HueyNewton, Fri Sep-11-09 01:47 PM
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Sep 16th 2009
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Sep 15th 2009
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Sep 19th 2009

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