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Fri Sep-04-09 01:55 PM

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"11:30 in a smoke filled room . ."


yo, I got brooklyn on my back!
yo, I got cleveland on my chest!
up on nostrand & fulton . .
us, yeah us, niggaz ain't raised no bastards even iF it
gets like donald goines wit' respect from the street . .
"yo, babyboy get stupid busy!"
got some metapHors like vincent price, yeah man my
rhymes are on ICE!
take a second, naw a minute . . while I do broadway on the moon
seen a few goons, and wrote a love ballad outta tune!
just cuz it's . . "11:30 @ night in a smoke filled room"
us, yeah us, niggaz have flashbacks like some essence oF
burnt sage and shit . .
meltin' from the crooked cop on wednesday mornin' @ the
barbershoP, talkin' like the dope he promotes, really ain't no hope!
even through corporate amerika, I wrote a rough draft
on gotti's behalF, yeah man not bad . .
what iF I got brooklyn on my back?
what iF I still got cleveland on my chest, what's next?
it's 11:30 @ night in a smoke filled room . .

actors don't retire

they showed us phYsically, we could reach infinitY, but mentally, through the century, we lost our identitY


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11:30 in a smoke filled room . . [View all] , HueyNewton, Fri Sep-04-09 01:55 PM
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Rhymes On ICE ....
Sep 09th 2009
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Sep 09th 2009
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Sep 12th 2009

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