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Wed Feb-27-08 02:50 PM

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"Erlin Is A Child"



Whatís with everyone telling me Iím too nice?

No not too nice, but so nice:
ďYou are so nice you should have someone who deserves youĒ

Maybe not everyone but this is the second time in two months or something and I am so!

Nice. And so angry! At myself and at Jesus. No. I can not be mad.

But I am! Nice. And canít understand why being nice is so lonely. I do as Iím told by my sacred honor code. I treat others as they should treat me and why? Just so I

can sit on the couch in the dark the remote in my hands and I put on the music station Ďcause I hate the TV and he gets mad at me Ďcause he says itís

Creepy. Eating pasta in the dark with the sad gloomy music It might not be such a bad idea if I never, never went home again and he steals the remote away from me

Home is where the hatred is.

Mom is begging me to come home again and that sounds alright to me Ďcause Aunt Bernadette is so old she needs a visiting on her Rhinebeck convent nunnery

I asked one just the other day how to become one, become a nun, she said I need more counseling

And it might not be such a bad idea if I never, never went home again.

I donít want to see my old friends college students with different breaks as me heroin addicts who I cry over for in worry kick it quit it kick it quit it ex-boyfriend self-destruction sexually ex-best friend wonít talk to me because his girlfriend seems so scared of me and why?

Because I am too nice.

I left three days ago and no one seems to know Iím gone
Home is where the hating is
Home is filled with pain.

I just ate a box of granola bars because I am allergic to everything and I know the difference between being nice and being took advantage of

I told you last time I hate it when people take advantage of my niceness

I canít be friends with either one of you because
-Sour faces on the couch and snapping at me-
-Ignoring me in favor of your insensitive girlfriend fiend-
you donít act like youíre a friend to me.

You are right. I am too nice.



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Erlin Is A Child [View all] , marywalsh, Wed Feb-27-08 02:50 PM
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RE: Erlin Is A Child
Feb 29th 2008

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