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Subject: "You're Now Hip Hop'n With The Better..." Previous topic | Next topic
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Thu Apr-12-07 04:53 AM

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"You're Now Hip Hop'n With The Better..."
Thu Apr-12-07 05:01 AM by empro



By now you already know how the flow go
So here's a little somethin for the masses brought to you by the young Cassius
Please believe he's too fly...Walk by and watch chicks bat their lashes
Enter the Lions Gate, my status be 12 ounces cuz I'm Heavyweight
At this current state, I won't even elaborate how I'm higher than gas is
Los Ang. pimp hands then disbands you and them other fellas
Court is now in session / Peep the lesson I'm profession' with mad trasgressions insde flow sessions right after you sit
Cali is runnin shit, you ain't gotta tell us
I'm so cold ICE gets jealous
Crowds get hype as I amp tha nation / Weak niggas I'm cuttin yall off faster than a sub zero temperature arm amputation
And this will be a brutal mutilation after I rip with specifics keeping my thoughts and rhymes encrypted better than Egyptian Pharaoh's hieroglyphics
That won't get lost in translation...Murder in the 1st
See I Murder in Verse...
Court case pendin' plus bases are loaded at the beginnin of tha first game in the last innin'...
December 4th curse


Hold up Emp....Put the flow in Reverse...


My waves is spinnin, Daddy's Son's Right
And my Suns Bright, my spit glistens which opens ears to make it clear whenever I speak to make yall listen
Here lies a cold blooded word Killer that 86's cats makin 'em come back like breakdancin' zombies from Thriller
Sippin this White Label, writing scripts to be placed inside your Crypt
White Chalkin...Iíll torture you into talkin until the shit turns fatal like work put in from a Blood or Crip
It's no need to set trip, cuz I don't bang...I just eat sweet ass pies like you faster than fresh Lemon Meringue
This ain't about money stacks, but spittin facts hurts you niggas eyeballs worse than cataracts
ILL shit runs through my veins and on my skin, The rap King Pin has petty thugs execute death warrants
I sign the contracts and wait for them boys to come out at night in large numbers like bats
Out come them Thangs....Sunk in is them Fangs on the side on the neck
I raise pens, not Tek's to shoot rhyme schemes
007 Radio Raheem with big dreams, but wearing no rings of "Love" and "Hate"
But still hits in the center of chests with essays I manifest
Basically the way I move makes New York seem slow
Allow me to gracefully bow out now...
You've just been Hip Hop'n With the Better...

My name is Empro


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