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Shakeet Lokh Em
Member since Mar 22nd 2005
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Wed Apr-11-07 03:46 PM

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"Shakeet Is Classic!!!"



This is smooth, nice and easy, Shakeet on the beat
Flowin like the Zambezi , rap beefy believe me
Iím greedy for seeking meaning and speaking freely
Cuz the scene be deceiving seedlings for sheezy my neezy
Oops...thatís clichť, but just let the beat play
As I di-splay lyrical prowess, yall just urinal scholars
Wastin yall thoughts, chasin what's never caught
While my spiritual power has me fearin the hour of God
Phylicia Rashad classy, verbal intellect past deep
My bars feel each other, wordplay is nasty
Malcolm X rated, acrobat with the pages
Phonetic offspring, the alphabet's favorite son
Shakeet, Sebastian Bach with his speech
I rock for the street, and drop heat with classical hot sheet music
A psyche student, how he do it
The kid showin and provin until your ears bleed fluid


Massage your ears with melodious funk
and copious touch, cool like Thelonious Monk
I hone art, like Mozart, the night is so dark
For good music, so I light it up when the flow spark
It's no heart, when yall fakes lips spill
But I'm Isaac's black son, Shakeet Is/Reeeeal
Pumpin like that cardio tool
Son I'm classic with the writtens and the audio too
Aiiyo Sha is chillin, cold rhyme villian,
What more can I saaay, Iím top billin
I do it for the people, I'm from the hooood
It's Baltimore! Understood?
Yes! I'm blessed with the stress to carry the crest
To parry the jest of less than fresh rappers at best
They actin a mess, heroically I'm dressin my text
Super lyrical with the "S" on my chest...


"I'm scientific, but my reflex gangsta"- Black Thought


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Shakeet Is Classic!!! [View all] , Shakeet Lokh Em, Wed Apr-11-07 03:46 PM
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RE: Shakeet Is Classic!!!
Apr 12th 2007
Yea it is
Apr 12th 2007
u so fly
Apr 12th 2007
Yesssss U R ..... *Classic*
Apr 13th 2007
imma gon head and say it...
Apr 13th 2007
Apr 13th 2007
delete this motherfuckers title
Apr 13th 2007
RE: Shakeet Is Classic!!!
Apr 14th 2007
^^^My brother^^^
May 02nd 2007
beast it...
May 02nd 2007
May 07th 2007
ooooooo NOW u come out the cut
May 07th 2007

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