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Thu Mar-08-07 02:48 PM

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this one for the soldiers and troops/
going to war// asking what for,//
cuz they dont know whats the truth/
see the truth-is// politics is ruth-less/
and got more gaps then lil kids wit missing toof-es/
and coupes that roof-less/
who is the blame -him- duh//
so why is u ask-in/
whole country being lead by the ass-end/
who let the ass-in// laugh-in/
delirious - dolourous//
we dont wanna fight no more,
but still he ingoring us/
this war on terrorism//
got ever soldier inprisioned/
cuz they dont bother to listen//
or pay us any attention/
asking us how we feeling// is really out of the quest-un/
so they substitute our minds for loaded weap-ons/
first u sign the contract,// then hand to hand combat/
its mothers crying cuz soldiers dying//
she hoping that hers come back/
please dont get it twisted,
im proud about my country/
but lately i been thinking my country aint game me nothang/

weird tempo, i wrote it off a Jay Dilla beat!

"everyone like spectacular pass me the ordinary, da peanut butter and jelly to da lobster and shrimp, the o' oh thats him, to the mobsters and pimps" - ME, dammit!


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Bored.... [View all] , southernboy_423, Thu Mar-08-07 02:48 PM
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