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Street Disciple
Member since Nov 04th 2005
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Sun Oct-22-06 08:08 PM

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"Jus Some ish I wrote part 2"
Sun Oct-22-06 08:26 PM by Street Disciple



I flip the script the son, whats written is as hard as gravel
you speak the fiction, fake niggaz playin rich, and dark haunted castles
Evolution, cuz I felt that yall wanted some more
I stretch styles, like erectin my tongue from my jaws
in the same way, war elevated to the gun from the sword
music and me, the difference between the sun and the lord
--is whats star and divinity,
object of creation born from a powerful energy
yall gotta be kiddin me, im throw-in backshots
battlin niggaz at redlights, church, and on blacktops
represent ill life,yo you know what it feels like
rap was much better, when it was stuck under 'em dim lights
I spit tight, drive through traffic bumpin big, nas, Pac, and Jay
picturin what the industrys like, cuz you know a nigga almost found his way
But not for the reasons of tryna make a dollar
Cuz like a child must learn to pay respect to his father
we gotta respect our elders, them old school niggaz
because they paved the way for brothas to earn a few figgaz
But you gotta do you, represent what you feel
keep it real in life, before life get too real


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