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Big Jay
Member since Aug 08th 2006
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Thu Oct-12-06 09:50 AM

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"Phat Free"
Thu Oct-12-06 09:52 AM by Big Jay



I fillet mignon, any emcee who thinks that he can be killing me on
My own track, a billow belong when I explode back,
Turn you’re A track to an A bomb when I flow back so,
A fatso can’t attack no blueberry snacks so a flat no sound out
Sound out – landish, turn a Mexican to a Spanish, brandish the culinary weaponry
Steadily all pies on the window sill’ll be gone,
Spell it with a ‘P-H’ the practice still’ll be wrong,
My artillery strong,
That’s a figurative reference, to the literate essence of my vocabubatic ability,
Aromatic symmetry soon to scintillate the room disintegrate the doom my mental state the Moon
I levitate with verbs and gravitate to words, my taddle shape the herbs
And it’s all cholesterol free
Sure dial the Hut but I don’t give a nut what you call me,
Maybe a cashew, I Mack-a-dame a little salty
Word style abrupt cut a note with ya gut, butter calling,
Butter-balling with big rims or big grins with fish bones stickin’ out
Yo, listen out…

So the world’s phat free, that’s nasty, I prefer it tast-e or rather tasty
Baste me, in all sort of rhymes and sauce forget the slimmings,
I want all the trimmings…

Herbs and spices, my words the nicest,
Birds in slices, curds in crisis,
Serves and prices, ‘deurves and rices,
Burgs and vices, purrs and mices
Cat got your tongue, nah your tongue’s just tied up,
Fries up goes down, slow down no size up!
Rise up to the occasion, ducks and raisons,
Pluck the raven, trucks of gravy
Save me Lord! No award me savings
Grant me the serenity to indulge in cravings
Forgive me Lord for I have singed
The skin of my steak forget the grace let’s begin
A Mexican meal or a Portuguese feast,
I’ll call O’Galo but what do we do with my heart beat,
Let it slow, your belt, let it go it won’t hurt,
...Just don’t forget dessert

note: O'Galo is a portuguese chicken place down here in Australia. Dont think its in the USA...could be wrong. obviously highly important to the gist of the flow



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Phat Free [View all] , Big Jay, Thu Oct-12-06 09:50 AM
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Oct 12th 2006
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