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Wed Aug-02-06 03:46 PM

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Southern voices recording Memphis blues plight
In the ghetto
Birth place anniversary
Curse nights killing daydream burden
Deep sleep unconscious

Sounds of Spain
Sketches guitar discussion
Guilty styles always got a response
Racist views more mentally than physical now
Black ink fear
White page rebellion

Why did they fool the black with this equal opportunity shit?
Time to get explicit
Black steel in the hour of chaos
Coming out my speakers
Fucking up the government
Look at the defense, one on one violation

Spent nights
Feelings of yesterday
Front porch rejection
High school sweetheart
Chasing after million dollar potential
Instead of vivid visions

Youthful aggression put down on wax
Classic vinyls
It’s a struggle
Hear something
Express passionately
Ugly beauty sentiments
Compliment flow of the tongue
Status known quota
Afraid of the dark
Rated r flows
Check what you listening to
Turn off the radio
Penmanship debates, preaching to the quiet

Notebook’s rebuttal
Raise consciousness subject matter
Soul searching
Can’t take the noise
Observe blind man obvious
Getting paid off our jail time
Smell riots
Lost time, handcuffs
Speaks for itself
Injustice nightly
Kiss 5 in the morning square across blue moon consequence

What a fool believes
Civil rights assassination
Wake up
Battle for glory
Kick dope lines
Define progression
Another story

Raped our women
Diluted our babies
Red clay screams

Lyrics fury
Fiend for her
Correctly, got to have it
Vocabulary massage
Alone on earth
Caress nickname warning

Check the results
Before the verse ends
New lows shackled
Hard to find mate
Butterfly spirit
Emotion, scribe brown eyes nemesis
Discuss marriage over a.m. morning betrayal
Ask with confidence
Endless portraits
Angelic frowns
Blown horns
Imagine harmonica breakthrough
Sighs sight
Got it bad
Had by yesterday period

Vents of rage
Solo volumes come closer
Airplay teardrops
More will come
Violin insanity
Following leaders instead of embracing individuality
Enough said
Sweat pouring
Down pouring
Study, choose last scratch
Master plan happening again
Last shot outcome
Tonight’s intense message
Buried messenger’s witness
In clouds
Going off the pages
Margin for error
Yearly intimated nightmare!


"When I hear wack rhymes, I get fed up"- Krs-One

"Even when I'm bragging, I'm being sincere"-LL

Verse One:

Could you tell me who released our animal instinct?
Got the white man sittin' there tickled pink.
Laughin' at us on the av


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HEAT [View all] , deepthought74, Wed Aug-02-06 03:46 PM
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Skit Skat n Skatts
Aug 03rd 2006

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