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Subject: "fuck yall niggas part 1- fini" Previous topic | Next topic
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Tue Aug-01-06 11:59 PM

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"fuck yall niggas part 1- fini"



look yo i hate the cunt raggamuffin drag ya cuzzin
thru bare sidewlaks with sidetalk scruffin
fuck a muffin when u diving for the nuffin
actin tuff when u dont got sumfin to puff in
nigga say sumfin or else say quiet in the corner
hold back like a heavy weight cahmp of the former
meet me on tom joyner and id take ur station
pack up the saliva along with salutation

verbal elation got plenty of sanction for rankin
bitches come quick when all u spit is a spankin
all in all im thankin the best of the biz for this shit
microphone check what the fuck is this when i gives it
past the last gate of alcatraz im out to last
out to pass another dutch to my boy who had the grass
sittin on ur ass trying to deliver a sliver of info
i fucked ur girlie and ur ma's when she claimed nympho

in flow of the rest the best be the questioning word
im festering a verb trying to deciper a jestering bird
flip this finger into the sky and wonder why u never heard
niggas is shook over a third degree murder of a suburb
floatin an ice berg down my neck so its swinging in the wind
dont know where to begin unless u dig sin flavored cinnamin
in the end of the world be the best of the times for mines
like minds think alike when not intertwined with fine wines

IG: mike_gx


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fuck yall niggas part 1- fini [View all] , low2behold, Tue Aug-01-06 11:59 PM
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RE: fuck yall niggas part 1- fini
Aug 02nd 2006
Aug 02nd 2006
no doubt.
Aug 02nd 2006
i hear is sometimes more important than lyrics.
Aug 02nd 2006

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