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Fri Jul-28-06 10:40 PM

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"new spittage"



soul competitor, its the return of predator
stingy with the credits, I'm bettin they run ahead of ya
sentences, words and verbs, disturbing instrumentals
still thinkin its a science, but the hits is accidental
the structure is empire like, the empire strikes
back, like the butt of a gat on the back of a black dike
in ciphers i bless the crews wit a sick verse or two
and spit out my mandibles, to Dangelo's voodoo
they scammin, screamin gangsta wit a mansion and a poodle
dancin in a super fly caddy with fo' rims spinnin
ten women in two lincolns, driving two pimps grinnin
be careful cause them feminine licks can be venom
keep the magnum extra lubricated when you in em
even if they cinnamon complected and keep you erect
just keep thinkin bout dat ex and them child support checks

"Science" and Religion are the two most dangerous weapons of ideology. See holocaust.

Why do "scientists" constantly produce statistics based on "race", a social construct?


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new spittage [View all] , Whateva, Fri Jul-28-06 10:40 PM
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RE: new spittage
Jul 29th 2006
family, i laughed out loud
Jul 29th 2006
LOL..Thanks all.
Jul 31st 2006
hot one
Jul 29th 2006
man it's against the law to have a mansion without a poodle lol
Jul 29th 2006
nice piece.
Jul 31st 2006
*reads this to onionhead instumental*
Jul 31st 2006

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