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Homicidal Crook
Member since Dec 05th 2002
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Thu Jul-20-06 02:20 AM

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"For that Good Life............."


I was So money orientated/
for my cats that never made it/
Blaze a blunt for they frame and/
poor some liqour on da pavement/
Its a complicated ride
and many never Came up/
Many obstacles arived
Had em up in the Game stuck/
Playin with the fire
Acting like the Flame sucks
but ended gettin burnt
Soon as the Flame touched/
Didn't wanna listen
Kept fuckin with these Lame sluts
Had him doing coke and X
Had a playas Brain fucked/
I couldn't take that route
I was like I gotta Change bruh/
Stackin chips Relaxin quick
thats what i gotta Aim for/
Reflecting on my thoughts
On how im gonna move da game forward/
Gotta attack the booth Hungry
Just like the game when i came for it/
And i was blood thirsty
left with my shirt straight stained orange/
Had an objective of gettin payed
and I ain't fittin to get my change shorted!/
and my flow is out this world
kinda hard for my spit to stay-in-Orbit/
and if you'd try to bite it
You'd probably end up with yo Face distorted/

Only God can judge me - 2Pac


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For that Good Life............. [View all] , Homicidal Crook, Thu Jul-20-06 02:20 AM
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RE: For that Good Life.............
Jul 29th 2006

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