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Subject: "I’m sorry, but Rogue One is the best movie in Star Wars canon. " Previous topic | Next topic
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Wed Jul-20-22 09:15 PM

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"I’m sorry, but Rogue One is the best movie in Star Wars canon. "
Wed Jul-20-22 09:18 PM by soulfunk



Every year or so I watch all of the Star Wars movies with my kids. Empire Strikes Back is likely the best “Star Wars movie”, but Rogue One is the best movie within the Star Wars universe.

I’ve loved Rogue One since my first time seeing it.back in December and January the year it came out was during a slow period at my job where I had a good of flexibility. I would literally bounce from my office to go to the theater and see it a few times a week. I had to have seen Rogue One at least around 15 times in the theater. Yes I’m a huge SW fan, but after the mess that was Rise of Skywalker proved that Lucasfilm/Disney had zero plan for the sequel trilogy, some of the shine has worn off, even for me. But that wearing of the shine has also taken away from how good of a movie Rogue One is.

Let me also mention off top that the Vader scene at the end has also taken away from the movie itself. That scene was so great and so satisfying that I’ve seen all kinds of comments calling it the only good part of the movie, which is crazy. Other criticisms I’ve heard are about the planet jumping in the first act (needed to introduce the ensemble cast and get the audience to care about them) and the CGI for Tarkin and Leia (it’s already dated looking at it now, but that’s always been the case in Star Wars pushing the limits of special effects which then might be dated later, just watch some of the X-Wing effects in the OT.)

The fact that it’s so good is also incredible given the production history, with the third act being almost completely redone from the original plan, and Garett Edwards essentially being taken off the film and Tony Gilroy brought in to fix it. It’s crazy that it ends up being a cohesive story.

All that being said, this movie introduced completely new characters, accomplished a good amount of world-building, gave those characters individual story arcs, with each of the main cast getting their own unique death scene after accomplishing something needed for the rebels to get the Death Star plans, so when they died we actually cared. (The one exception is Saw Gerrera, they wasted Forrest Whittaker in this a bit.) It also incorporated comedy in a way that fit in universe and never took me out of the story. On top of that, by FAR the best space battle in Star Wars. You could argue for Battle of Ensor in ROTJ but that was a 3 way climax that had the Luke/Vader/Emperor fight and the Ewok battle in addition to the space battle, which was just about blowing up another Death Star.

I’ve also seen criticism of the score. I think this is just nostalgia and people wanting to hear all of the John Williams themes. But those are literally themes that represent characters not in this movie (until the end when some of those themes do show up) so it makes sense for Michael Giacchino to come up with new themes that fit the SW aesthetic. Makes a lot more sense than the music in the Obi-wan Kenobi show not using themes that had already showed up in the prequels. Giacchino came up with BEAUTIFUL new music - just listen to “Your Father Would Be Proud” or “Guardians of the Whills Suite” on Spotify or YouTube.

All of this, PLUS the Vader hallway scene leading directly into A New Hope.


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I’m sorry, but Rogue One is the best movie in Star Wars canon. [View all] , soulfunk, Wed Jul-20-22 09:15 PM
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it's held up the best of anything post original trilogy
Jul 20th 2022
no apology needed, its true....
Jul 20th 2022
The apology is because it feels like blasphemy to put it above ESB.
Jul 20th 2022
can't quite pinpoint why, but Luke in Mando 10x >>> Leia in RO
Jul 21st 2022
      The technology is getting better and better. Like you mentioned,
Jul 21st 2022
      someone improved it on YouTube
Jul 22nd 2022
Just finished all the Star Wars movies with my're right.
Jul 20th 2022
For me, it's the 2nd best by Disney
Jul 21st 2022
I love Last Jedi. But it's impossible for me to evaluate separately from
Jul 21st 2022
yooo wtf?
Jul 21st 2022
Exactly. The deleted scene version is better for BOTH Finn and Phasma.
Jul 21st 2022
      Last Jedi is the most frustrating.
Jul 22nd 2022
RE: I love Last Jedi. But it's impossible for me to evaluate separately ...
Jul 22nd 2022
Last Jedi is the rare movie ruined by it's sequel.
Jul 22nd 2022
      I agree
Jul 22nd 2022
It will always be Empire, but it’s easily the best Disney SW product
Jul 21st 2022
you said this as if it's a controversial opinion
Jul 21st 2022
I feel like saying Rogue One is better than Empire is pretty controversi...
Jul 21st 2022
      Only a sith speaks in absolutes. You declared it as if it’s a fact.
Jul 21st 2022
      All this is what I meant when I said ESB is the best "SW movie" but
Jul 21st 2022
      most Star Wars is mediocre or just straight dogshit
Jul 21st 2022
For the record all things Disney suck
Jul 21st 2022
Do you watch them all together or spaced out?
Jul 22nd 2022
We watch in chronological order...
Jul 22nd 2022
Rogue One End Scene into A New Hope Opening Scene (link)
Jul 22nd 2022
it makes the sequels worse in comparison because it shows
Jul 22nd 2022
My kids are 14 and 8.
Jul 23rd 2022
I'm a RedLetterMedia guy and I totally get why they're down on this, BUT
Jul 23rd 2022
Returns to IMAX theaters this weekend (swipe)
Aug 26th 2022
No. But it can be YOUR FAVORITE
Aug 26th 2022
Not sure what issue there is here...
Aug 26th 2022
He's not Superman.
Aug 26th 2022
32's a really good flick, and the best Disney star wars by miles
Aug 26th 2022
Saw an IMAX screening tonight, it really gets better every rewatch
Aug 27th 2022
The whole saga is pretty mediocre.
Aug 27th 2022
Aug 30th 2022
All of this is why to me Rogue One > Empire.
Aug 30th 2022
Aug 30th 2022
The final hour is the best Star Wars movie ever
Aug 29th 2022
To me the first half is absolutely worth it. On first watch in the
Aug 30th 2022

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