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Subject: "Really loved this movie. A whole lot of fun (some SPOILERS)" Previous topic | Next topic
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Thu Nov-24-22 12:41 PM

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2. "Really loved this movie. A whole lot of fun (some SPOILERS)"
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Took the nephews to see it yesterday and they also loved it.

I agree that this is better than Knives Out, which I also thoroughly enjoyed. This film hits the ground running and doesn't stop, as things are tremendously interesting and funny as hell.

Craig was fantastic as usual, and seems to be having a blast playing the character. I'd be happy to see him play Benoit Blanc for a long as he wants.

This really should be a star-making performance for Jaenelle Monae. She's absolutely great, playing a character that could have been ridiculous in all of the wrong ways. She hits all of the right serious and comedic notes, and never goes over the top. I could watch her play drunk for an entire film.

Norton, Bautista, Hahn, Hudson, and Odom are all entertaining. They serve as great send-ups of the vapidness of the wealthy. In general, this film is great at mocking the cult of personality for billionaires, men's rights activists, and celebrities who complain about "getting cancelled."

And, as a bonus, there are a lot of great cameos. Thoroughly unexpected ones.

So, yeah, one of the best movies I've seen this year, and I'll happily watch it again. In the theater or on Netflix.


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Glass Onion. A Knives Out Mystery (Rian Johnson, 2022) [View all] , bwood, Mon Jun-13-22 12:29 PM
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It's better than KNIVES OUT!
Nov 21st 2022
If I have a gripe it's that it takes a bit too long in setting everythin...
Nov 25th 2022
re: small spoiler
Nov 30th 2022
      lol I noticed that bump as well.
Dec 01st 2022
           I just kept doing mental gymnastics because of it.
Dec 23rd 2022
It's fun. Glad movies like this are getting made.
Dec 01st 2022
A straight up fun ass ride.
Dec 23rd 2022
first 2/3 as good as KO. final act fell a little flat for me
Dec 24th 2022
This was really good and a lot of fun
Dec 24th 2022
It just hit me on rewatch that when Miles first comes to Glass Onion
Dec 25th 2022
Such a great alternative to the SuperHero Movies.
Dec 25th 2022
I mean, I don't know if Johnson knew people would hate him...
Dec 25th 2022
Ok, so I'm not crazy
Dec 27th 2022
I enjoyed this quite a bit
Dec 26th 2022
The scene in the living area with the paintingsā€¦
Dec 26th 2022
I really enjoyed this.
Dec 27th 2022
On top of what other folks are saying, the set designs were top tier.
Dec 27th 2022

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