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Tue Jan-18-22 01:29 PM

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5. "Hmmm. THE scene or another scene?"
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If you mean the assault scene i felt it wasnt actually as "gratuitous" as people were saying. I think the length was necessary to present little differences between each character's version.

It had little nuances between each person's point of view when it was their turn to tell the story. (The way she half closes the door in one version vs fully slams it, the way she laughs in one version vs not a single laugh in the other, the way she playfully kicks her shoe off vs it falls off because she is running for her life, how she says no playfully vs begging no)

I think Adam Driver's character legitimately believed it wasn't a rape, even though it obviously was. He was so evil and out of touch he died thinking he didn't do anything wrong.


"The world is before you and you need not take it or leave it as it was when you came in." - James Baldwin


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The Last Duel (Ridley Scott, Damon, Affleck 2021) [View all] , Sofian_Hadi, Mon Jan-17-22 06:05 PM
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This was incredibly good
Jan 17th 2022
Yeah. Sucks people didn't give it a chance.
Jan 18th 2022
I’m excited to watch this now. Thanks for the review
Jan 17th 2022
Quite liked it. Needed to end *one* scene sooner.
Jan 18th 2022
      the very last shot
Jan 18th 2022
           Oh, damn. I completely misread that. Lmao
Jan 18th 2022
Jan 19th 2022
                Yeah. He did the same thing with Kingdom of Heaven
Jan 19th 2022
im sorry but this movie fucking sucked
Jan 18th 2022
RE: im sorry but this movie fucking sucked
Jan 19th 2022
This was so good
Jan 19th 2022
Ridley Scott is 84 years old.
Jan 20th 2022
      I'm totally behind the curve on this
Jan 21st 2022
           Watch Kingdom Of Heaven - Director's Cut
Jan 21st 2022
                That rules - thank you!
Jan 21st 2022
one word: BASURA
Jan 20th 2022

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