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Thu May-20-21 04:42 PM

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3. "Favreau?.."
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Thu May-20-21 04:43 PM by CyrenYoung



..He might not be the first, but certainly one of the most notable indie film makers to be handed the reigns to a blockbuster film and succeed.

*skatin' the rings of saturn*

..and miles to go before i sleep...


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Eternals (Chloe Zhao (!!!), 2021) [View all] , bwood, Thu May-20-21 04:44 PM
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Who kicked off the give indy filmmaker big franchise film craze?
May 19th 2021
      Favreau had already done Elf and Zathura by that point.
May 24th 2021
           I don't consider Elf or Zathura blockbuster films...
May 24th 2021
May 24th 2021
the trailer has me interested in finding out wtf this is
May 24th 2021
Im with you on the last two statements.
May 24th 2021
I'm with you on this
May 24th 2021
Full trailer (not watching)
Aug 19th 2021
I watched...what is this even about? Trailer reveals nothing really
Aug 19th 2021
      Really? I thought this one told us much more.
Aug 19th 2021
      every major gamble has paid off royally though
Aug 19th 2021
      The fucked with the timeline, and that caused a 'equal and opposite' eff...
Aug 24th 2021

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