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8. "Agreed on all accounts"
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Oddly enough I think it was too short??? There was just something missing in the Cletus/Eddie connection that could’ve made the final fight feel like it had more stakes. I know they were mostly going for comedy with this one, but still. Overall though, this was enjoyable enough. About on par with the first one, though I think that one was a little more fun. I got a real kick out of the “do we love or hate Dan?” parts and I still love the Eddie/Venom odd couple routine. That will be REALLY fun if they get Spidey reacting to it too.

If I can nitpick about a couple things:

1) We were told that Venom living in Eddie’s body was slowly killing him last movie. Is that not the case anymore? If so, why?
2) Superpowers w/o the symbiote have not been a thing yet in this universe, so I was hoping for an explanation on where Shriek’s powers came from. Did I miss something?

>Post credits scene: I can’t wait for No Way Home! One of the
>best stingers not related to Infinity War/Endgame.

I popped for this. Glad I watched a couple days before going to see Spidey.


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Venom: Let There Be Carnage (Andy Serkis, 2021) [View all] , bwood, Mon May-10-21 09:25 AM
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It's whatever, I'm just here for the Eddie/Venom odd couple
May 11th 2021
May 11th 2021
I dunno, man. This doesn't really get me hyped
May 11th 2021
Here's why I'm not into this movie yet
May 19th 2021
I think Eddie trying to tame Venom's worst instincts works
May 19th 2021
RE: Venom: Let There Be Carnage (Andy Serkis, 2021)
May 25th 2021
The pros and cons are about equal.
Oct 02nd 2021

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