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Ryan M
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Wed Jan-27-21 07:35 PM

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2. "I thought it was pretty incredible."
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I, like you, had heard next to nothing going into this. A few tweets talking about how great it is - that was my intro. So I decided to check it out, not even knowing it was essentially a one man show with illusions scattered throughout.

Like you, I also have next to no motivation to find out how he pulled anything off. Some of the tricks (the first ones) are amazing, but it's all technique. The audience ones? Yeah...I have no fucking idea. I don't need to, either. I'm not big into magic - I've seen some stuff, the David Blaine specials or whatever - but not really big into it at all. But I do know that compelling storytelling will allow for some incredible illusions to happen, and that's on full display here. Fantastic, personal stories...and a commitment to a piece of art that is really something what makes this great.

I imagine seeing this live would be otherworldly IF what happens in the film happens in the show. For all I know, they cherrypicked the most amazing moments like a psychic on a Dr Phil type show would. But the last 10 minutes or so is pretty amazing, and it's a testament to self worth and humanity. I dug it.


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In & Of Itself (Oz, Hulu, 2021) [View all] , Nodima, Mon Jan-25-21 08:40 AM
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Speaking of hyperbole
Jan 26th 2021
I would be curious to hear how this was different from the show
Jan 27th 2021
      I can't bring myself to sitting through it again, but (SPOILER)
Jan 28th 2021
           so when you attended, was he right about everyone?
Feb 01st 2021
                A couple wrong, but the rate of success was impressive
Feb 03rd 2021
                     im so glad to know he got some makes it more impressive...
Feb 06th 2021
I went in blind after a recommendation on a podcast...
Jan 28th 2021
Fantastic experience.
Jan 29th 2021
I wish I'd stopped and wrote my own version of the ending
Feb 01st 2021

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