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Subject: "First of these to go for the weirdness of the O.G. Godzilla sequels" Previous topic | Next topic
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Sun Apr-04-21 02:01 PM

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22. "First of these to go for the weirdness of the O.G. Godzilla sequels"
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Those Toho Godzilla flicks had flying saucers, bizarre planets, massive underground laboratories, hidden islands, etc. And this was the first movie to embrace all of it without worrying about how realistic it was.

Great action. Great visuals. Might actually go and re-watch this in a drive-in just to get the scope.

Human characters were all but completely useless. Only Paperboi was given anything to do. Or did anything memorable. Though I guess Damian Bechir getting killed was kind of interesting.


Checkin' Our Style, Return To Zero:


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Godzilla vs. Kong (Adam Winguard, 2021) [View all] , bwood, Sun Jan-24-21 01:31 PM
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they aint gotta do much to keep me satisfied.
Jan 24th 2021
Praying it's like that
Jan 24th 2021
Doubtful. They kept Millie Bobby Brown, and added the kid from Deadpool ...
Jan 25th 2021
I’m not gonna poke holes. I just want big, stupid fun.
Jan 25th 2021
Kong on PEDs? And he got an axe?
Jan 26th 2021
I seem to recall it being said in Skull Island that he was a kid
Jan 28th 2021
Skull Island was set in the 70’s and they said he was adolescent.
Feb 02nd 2021
lol Kong been in the gym
Feb 02nd 2021
I think we are use to Kong being smaller from his previous movies
Feb 02nd 2021
      A 1200 foot tall ape? Muhphuckas talking to him without a bullhorn
Feb 02nd 2021
I just watched King of the Monsters and I swear if that Mother survived
Feb 02nd 2021
Rewatched the MonsterVerse thus far and I'm ready
Mar 30th 2021
*Spoiler alert*
Mar 31st 2021
RE: i wasnt expecting spoilers in th e headers of this thread
Mar 31st 2021
Exactly what I wanted.
Mar 31st 2021
Whoa. This was kooky.
Mar 31st 2021
This was dumb fun and I loved it
Apr 01st 2021
RE: This was dumb fun and I loved it
Apr 01st 2021
aesthetically, it was enjoyable.
Apr 02nd 2021
split the difference for me.
Apr 02nd 2021
this ni&&a kong really drank some Monsta Energy juice straight from
Apr 02nd 2021
I disagree slightly on the humans, depending on definitions
Apr 04th 2021
All in on all of this. This was fantastic. very balanced. I need three m...
Apr 04th 2021
yeah. enjoyed this one a lot.
Apr 04th 2021
This one was almost there. Just needs a little less humans...
Apr 05th 2021
Rented out a theater to see this
Apr 30th 2021

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