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Subject: "RE: he is without doubt, my favorite character in the books AND series. " Previous topic | Next topic
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Mon Jan-11-21 02:45 AM

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19. "RE: he is without doubt, my favorite character in the books AND series. "
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Mon Jan-11-21 02:45 AM by Backbone



>if you get a chance The Churn is the novella with his
>backstory. it's not required but it kinda fleshes out his
>character development. but he was abused when he was
>powerless. did whatever to survive. knows he doesn't have a
>fully functional moral compass, and therefore gravitates
>toward people who do (who become the objects of his trust and
>loyalty, as you note).

I've got a huge backlog of books piling up around me, so I doubt I'll get around to it, but your summary of his character development fits very well with what I've seen onscreen. Thanks for saving me the time, I guess!

>yep. clarissa mao. sister of julie mao (who is the tragic
>figure / first contact of the proto molecule, and core of the
>protomolecule's human persona when the asteroid eros became
>self aware and steered itself to venus. before creating the
>ring gates). clarissa was / is nuts. the 'good girl' to her
>rebellious sister, striving for daddy's affection
>(jules-pierre mao who is the kajillionaire who financed the
>whole protomolecule shit and intrigue that almost killed hte
>solar system the first time). she got the implants to go get
>revenge on holden an nem.

Yeah, I only remembered her sabotaging stuff. Probably watched that season in a haze of weed, lol.

>i kinda liked it. the blurry shit (as opposed to a slow
>motion) gave you a sense of the high intensity + short
>duration action of her mods. amos was like, 'is it always like
>this afterward' (when she was vomiting and weak and damn near
>passed out). and when she says yes, he comments, "shitty
>design". and she responds that she wasn't really thinking long
>term when she did it.
>i really enjoyed the short, near future fiction discourse on
>the implications of body modification from the last couple of

Yeah I didn't mind that it was over fast, or that they didn't show the action itself too much, just the visual & sound effects themselves came across as a little corny. I think it could've been done better. Like hearing a few snowy footsteps offscreen and dude getting swept off his feet in a flash. Cut to Amos standing there with a dumb look on his face and her collapsing on top of prepper guy's body. Or something, I don't know.
I really do like that the implants have a high cost associated with their use, helps to make it feel realistic instead of turning her into some kind of superhero.

"So this is what everybody's always talking about! Diablo! If only I'd known. The beauty! The beauty!"


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The Expanse - Season 5 [View all] , funklectic, Wed Dec-16-20 06:30 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
Do you mean 5?
Dec 17th 2020
RE: Do you mean 5?
Dec 17th 2020
Season 5 - (can we get a mod edit). It is off to a great start.
Dec 19th 2020
Yeah, man, really good start
Dec 20th 2020
have you read all the books? amz series is done after next season (6).
Dec 20th 2020
      Yeah, all caught up on books. Last two have been fire!
Dec 21st 2020
Yup, I'm loving the first three episodes so far.
Dec 21st 2020
      yeah. even from the books, the Ilus / Season 4 was a bit of a different
Dec 21st 2020
5-4: gotdamn. GOAT episode of the series?
Dec 23rd 2020
Yeah it's definitely up there.
Dec 23rd 2020
RE: Yeah it's definitely up there.
Dec 28th 2020
that was so heavy. the villains keep getting worse.
Dec 28th 2020
9.7 on IMDb / apparently the show mimics Alexander the Great's rise
Jan 05th 2021
      well damn. i didn't know about all the alexander the great tie-ins.
Jan 09th 2021
           I just like anything with Amos in it.
Jan 09th 2021
                Amos is so well written+ Wes is so perfectly cast
Jan 10th 2021
                RE: Amos is so well written+ Wes is so perfectly cast <--- this.
Jan 10th 2021
                he is without doubt, my favorite character in the books AND series.
Jan 10th 2021
                          RE: he is without doubt, my favorite character in the books AND series.
Feb 05th 2021
Anyone want to break down the end of episode 7?
Jan 14th 2021
nah, good questions. innernets say 15 - 90 secs survival.
Jan 17th 2021
Big guy (Cyn) is dead I think.
Jan 18th 2021
Lukewarm on latest ep. (8)
Jan 21st 2021
8 & 9 were both underwhelming.
Feb 04th 2021
agree and agree. i mean, i get it. naomi is gritty and smart and that wa...
Feb 04th 2021
Any of y'all know what Naomi was doing
Feb 06th 2021
      RE: Any of y'all know what Naomi was doing
Feb 07th 2021
           RE: Any of y'all know what Naomi was doing
Feb 07th 2021
                RE: Any of y'all know what Naomi was doing
Feb 07th 2021
Feb 08th 2021
Episode 10...
Feb 02nd 2021
They just freezed the frame & painted in some zero-G blood, lol.
Feb 04th 2021
same. same. same.
Feb 04th 2021
      RE: same. same. same.
Feb 06th 2021
i *just* got finished watching. was on a lowkey media embargo
Feb 04th 2021
Really good finish to really strong season
Feb 07th 2021
      definitely agree. earth was overpopulated in the books. maybe 13-14Bn
Feb 07th 2021
Up for season 6?
Dec 23rd 2021
It's weird that the season is halfway done.
Dec 23rd 2021
RE: Up for season 6?
Dec 24th 2021
      RE: Up for season 6?
Dec 24th 2021
           RE: Up for season 6?
Dec 24th 2021
                protomolecule stuff will probably surface / resurface in the last 2 eps....
Jan 04th 2022
did y'all see talk of expanse getting reupped w/ amazon as a sequel seri...
Dec 24th 2021
The showrunner said it's a lie n/m
Jan 05th 2022
      "fuck" (c) every cast member, every episode.
Jan 07th 2022
6.5 might be my favorite ep of the whole series thus far
Jan 07th 2022
lol! I came in to post it was one of there worst
Jan 07th 2022
Any thoughts on the finale?
Jan 14th 2022

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