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Subject: "The relentless optimism can wear you out. " Previous topic | Next topic
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Thu Sep-09-21 11:34 AM

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10. "The relentless optimism can wear you out. "
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Like can a show be too happy. I know Christmas episodes are usually jolly but to see the Christmas episode in the summer being so freaking happy was nauseating.

It seems like the show is taking a darker turn which seems promising. I love the Black Psychartrist. I love her seeing through Ted Lasso using humor and chipperness to hide what he is going through.

Also love seeing the little guy Nathan turning into a creep bully. Its a realistic turn to see someone who started as the object os such much ridicule turning into a bully when he gets a little bit of power.

Looking for them to nail the last few episodes.

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"


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Ted Lasso (Bill Lawrence, TV) [View all] , handle, Wed Sep-02-20 09:11 AM
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Yo I actually like it alot
Sep 02nd 2020
Loving this
Sep 08th 2020
Dec 17th 2020
it's great. watch it.
Dec 17th 2020
Far better than it had any right to be
Dec 20th 2020
great character. flat out lovable.
Jan 04th 2021
also nbc missed a prime opportunity to put this on peacock.
Jan 04th 2021
Man someone could write a dissertation on this show and Americanism.
Jan 13th 2021
just about caught up on this
Sep 03rd 2021
Great tv show
Jan 07th 2022
I loved both seasons.
Jan 07th 2022
S1 had such a direct plot line
Jan 07th 2022

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