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12. "Yeah, the ending was very predictable."
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>Basically free of laughs start to finish. Some of that's an
>intentional tonal shift by this movie, but some of it is
>just... bad writing. Reitman does fine with some of the
>character-y stuff in the first half-- even if the characters
>aren't memorable, they're charming enough-- but he can't do a
>big finale like he's trying to do here. Just an ugly mess of a
>finale with terrible CGI.

For the most part I thought they were able to reference the first movie while letting the new story/characters do their own thing, but then the ending went way too far into nostalgia territory. The cameos were very shoehorned in. And like, let Bill Murray riff some stuff rather than scripting bad “This demon is my ex” jokes. I enjoyed it overall, but the lack of jokes will probably make this pretty forgettable tbh.


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Ghostbusters: Afterlife (Jason Reitman, 2020) [View all] , bwood, Mon Dec-09-19 10:05 AM
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lol I had opposite reaction
Dec 09th 2019
yeah. Plus fuck Jason Reitman
Dec 09th 2019
was he up for the reboot? After Ramis died Amy Pascal and Ivan
Dec 10th 2019
      yeah, Reitman was first up
Dec 11th 2019
Dec 11th 2019
                check imdb
Dec 11th 2019
not the greatest trailer but i like this tone better than a campy comedy...
Dec 09th 2019
you mean what Ghosbusters is?
Dec 10th 2019
      a franchise has never in history been rebooted in a different tone.
Dec 11th 2019
Holding out for the ghosts
Dec 10th 2019
Okay first half, but second half was bad to awful.
Nov 19th 2021
Thought it was a lot of fun as a epilogue/tribute to the first two
Nov 22nd 2021
Random uppage after having just watched with my kids
Jun 01st 2022

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