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Subject: "Watching "The Office" for the first time...question" Previous topic | Next topic
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Thu Nov-07-19 01:32 PM

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"Watching "The Office" for the first time...question"



I'm on Season 5..

Does Micheal EVER win?

Just a simple "yes" will suffice...but, he never wins..ever.

I get that him being a loser is a part of the show, but even a broken clock is right twice a day.


Fuck aliens




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Watching "The Office" for the first time...question [View all] , tully_blanchard, Thu Nov-07-19 01:32 PM
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He gets little wins here and there....
Nov 07th 2019
He gets his wins in.
Nov 07th 2019
Yes - but his losses are pretty good
Nov 07th 2019
you'll be touched by how he wins when you consider the losses
Nov 07th 2019
yeah, he does, unfortunately. he's a piece of shit
Nov 08th 2019
Yeah, and that's the part I wrestle with
Nov 08th 2019
      I think some shows are unintentionally grim when binged
Nov 14th 2019
           I seriously don't know why any one hangs out with (TV) Larry David
Nov 25th 2019
Just started God why won't this show end? (spoilers)
Nov 11th 2019
You could jsut stop
Nov 11th 2019
LOL @ anyone who watches this show like its a drama and not a comedy
Nov 11th 2019
It is a comedy...just stopped being funny.
Nov 11th 2019
I feel like they missed some good opportunities...
Nov 11th 2019
      I agree..the little dude Nate from the warehouse coulda been gold
Nov 25th 2019
All done...pretty good show
Nov 25th 2019
now watch it 2 more times and tell us how you feel
Nov 27th 2019
      LOL! Nah...I think im good..I do want to watch the OG now though
Nov 27th 2019

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