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navajo joe
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Sat Oct-05-19 10:37 AM

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"In the Tall Grass (Moron, 2019)"



This is the rare film where not a single element works.

It's poorly-written, the cast is uniformly terrible, it's poorly directed and it's incredibly long and dull. This is a movie that could have worked as an hour-long episode of a horror anthology or even a tight 86 minute movie (with credits). Instead, great premise is dragged to a seemingly endless hour and 40 minutes.

Pro-tip #1: If you're going to cast a movie that hinges on a kid. Make sure the kid can fucking act. Otherwise, the only tension you create is for audience wondering when that awful fucking kid is going to show up again.

Pro-tip #2: If you're going to cast a film that hinges on the strength of your leads because everything else is literally fucking grass, don't find leads that are less interesting and less talented than actual fucking grass. The three leads here can go back to the forgettable white people generator from which they were spawned.

Another forgettable Netflix turd.

At least In the Shadow of the Moon had a cracking first 20 minutes, Bokeem Woodbine being great, Boyd Holdbrook in oldface and a terrible Michael C. Hall performance.

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In the Tall Grass (Moron, 2019) [View all] , navajo joe, Sat Oct-05-19 10:37 AM
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It was fun to see Patrick Wilson chew scenery/grass
Oct 07th 2019
Patrick Wilson can chew scenery with the best of them
Oct 07th 2019

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