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19. "I blame the writing"
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>He was no Spike Spiegel at all to me. That character (all of
>them really) was very clearly developed and Cho hit very few
>of the marks. Spike's a super laid back, disinterested,
>slacker... unless it's about Julia or Vicious, you don't
>really get a rise out of him.
>I don't think Cho was unwatchable, but it wasn't Spike.

I think this is all writing, the clearly wrote the character a lot different. His focus seemed to be more about his past which made him super serious. It wasn't the aloof(or pretending to be aloof) Spike that the anime has. My biggest beef is the anime gave them a whole lot to work with and they could've expanded with that instead of creating something thats different.

>Vicious though, that dude was pretty much unwatchable. So
Terrible unwatchable and hammy. They also took the character and made him a joke which is opposite of what we see in the anime. I felt they could've taken the plotline with Vicious and ran with it, but with out him looking comically bad. I also felt the same way about Julia's character, I like what they did in the end but to make her seem so week most of the serious vs the anime it was hinted and shown that she was a strong character that didn't need Spike or Vicious. Just bad characterization

>Jet and Faye by contrast, were almost spot-on personality

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Cowboy Bebop (Netflix) [View all] , hardware, Thu Apr-04-19 12:18 PM
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Mustafa Shakir will make a great Jet!!!
Apr 05th 2019
They gonna make Black Dog Serenade an 'it be your own people' plot
Apr 06th 2019
Apr 08th 2019
who can play Ed though?
Apr 05th 2019
some unknown i suspect
Apr 06th 2019
      yeah I think it would have to be.
Apr 08th 2019
      Willow Smith?
Apr 16th 2019
           Bruh that's the first name I thought of
Apr 17th 2019
                isn't Ed like 11?
Apr 18th 2019
                     Yeah something like that
Apr 24th 2019
you have my attention
Apr 08th 2019
Cool. Interested in this.
Apr 19th 2019
Its out....John Cho is dope.
Nov 19th 2021
this part....
Nov 19th 2021
RE: this part....
Nov 19th 2021
Disagree on John Cho
Nov 30th 2021
its a horrible miscast. he's about 20 years too old for it
Nov 30th 2021
      Yep. Cho is 50 fucking years old.
Dec 02nd 2021
awful in a way i didnt see coming
Nov 20th 2021
Canceled. No season 2.
Dec 10th 2021
couldn't bring myself to watch this.
Dec 16th 2021

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