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navajo joe
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Mon Oct-15-18 10:16 AM

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"FIGHTWORLD (Frank Grillo, 2018)"



Grillo's love letter to martial arts and Anthony Bourdain. I loved this in spite of some of its flaws. It's absolutely stunning visually which is able to cover the fact that Grillo and his team lack the wit, intelligence and worldliness of the late, great Anthony Bourdain.

Unlike other martial arts docuseries of the past, Fightworld focuses its attentions less on the arts themselves but on the fighters, coaches and cultures from which they hail. While Grillo is a charasmatic dramatic actor, capable host, and physical specimen at 51 years old he's easily the least interesting part of the show. Which isn't to say he's boring but when you're examining the fighting arts of Mexico, Thailand, Myanmar, Senegal, and Israel. So instead of it being about Grillo learning whichever country's art and putting on some mock exhibition, he takes a back seat to letting the far more interesting aspects of the show shine. Grillo's greatest strength as host is his seemingly endless respect, his willingness to display vulnerability and his empathy.

I loved that the show got off the well-beaten path of Thailand, Brazil, Israel for episodes in Myanmar and Senegal. There are definitely criticisms to be had in how the show presents the mysticism that is so important to Senegal's Laamb Wrestling and what felt like an Israeli informmercial in the first half of that episode.

Despite those shortcomings, there is so much to recommend here, so much beauty and humanity on display that I can't recommend this highly enough.

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FIGHTWORLD (Frank Grillo, 2018) [View all] , navajo joe, Mon Oct-15-18 10:16 AM
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I had no clue this was around, thanks.
Oct 15th 2018
There was Fight Quest and I believe another show
Oct 15th 2018
      The show I was referring to was Human Weapon.
Oct 15th 2018
           Human Weapon! That was the show I couldn't remember
Oct 15th 2018
Oct 15th 2018
Just started in
Oct 15th 2018
Cool, man. Look forward to your thoughts
Oct 15th 2018
      watched the first two eps
Oct 24th 2018
watched a bit more
Dec 04th 2018
sorry you didn't dig it
Dec 04th 2018

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