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Mon Aug-13-18 09:10 AM

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"No post on Random Acts of Flyness?"



Y’all too good for a new black ‘sketch’ show? Y’all scared away by the distinct boho stench the show giving off? Y’all too cool for headwraps and crystals now but all of y’all were trying to get woke genitals back in the days or else ya wouldnt be on this forum!

After seeing the first two episodes I see greatness but there are some flaws


It’s superbly filmed, and the surrealist bent really lets the people behind the camera show off. Imagine the well thought out shots of Mr.Robot (im pretty sure episode 2 gave em a nod) along with the embracing of the psychedelics/weirdness of Legion…it’s easily one of the best looking shows on television.

It does push the paradigm forwards as far as stories to tell; the ‘skits’ in the episodes are also juxtaposed with various POC’s telling very human stories that POC’s don’t get to tell; eating disorders, etc. Hell you get stories here that you don’t really see explored on mainstream tv no matter what your skin tone, male bixsexuality for instance. It does a great job to show you how much unexplored space there is still in television


It’s less a sketch show and more a 30 minute block of Adult Swim type quick hit type vignettes, (or Wario Ware for my nerds out there!). As a result even though an episode may have an overarching ‘theme’ that runs through it, at times it hard for them to give it the same emotional, dramatic or comedic punch as other A+ shows.

This was very apparent in the first episode that used a comic run in with police aggression as a running theme to introduce the skits, but threw in two minutes of actual police brutality footage in the middle of the episode…then tried to continue to crack jokes later in that same skit which obviously came off as unfunny.

That said, the second episode was much stronger since the vignettes were more closely aligned as far as tone was concerned. The main sketch was an absolute genius musical that covered a books worth of issues and the comedy when it did hit was MUCH funnier since it wasn’t forced. Emmy worthy imho.

Its so weird that I don’t see it lasting more than a season, but it’s def. gonna be one of the great HBO cult shows. Watch it.


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No post on Random Acts of Flyness? [View all] , BigReg, Mon Aug-13-18 09:10 AM
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I really enjoyed the first episode, and had a weird exp. with it
Aug 13th 2018
Totally forgot...will be watching tonight
Aug 13th 2018
possibly my newest fav
Aug 13th 2018
Haven't seen it yet. Love what I have seen of the cinematography.
Aug 14th 2018
"Random Acts Of Flyness" is in Lineage Of "Chappelle's Show" - swipe
Sep 08th 2018
I'll never view the white male anti-hero genre the same way again
Sep 11th 2018
Where you gonna run now? ****zip****
Mar 03rd 2019

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