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Mon May-14-18 07:25 PM

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"Solo: A Star Wars Story discussion post "



I love Star Wars. The Disney stuff has been solid thus far (I love The Last Jedi) adding and expanding the mythology outwards. However, the galaxy is seemingly feeling smaller and smaller as we keep circling back to old characters. When Solo: A Star Wars Story was first announced I asked why. Walking out of the film, I still have the same question. Why?

Han (Alden Ehrenreich) is desperate to leave his home world with his girlfriend Qi'ra (Emilia Clarke). When fate intervenes, Han is desperate to get a ship and rescue Qi’ra. Joining up with Tobias Beckett (Woody Harrelson) and his crew, Han meets up with Chewbacca and the team of sordid criminals embark on a big heist for crime lord Dryden Vos (Paul Bettany).

Production troubles aside, let’s focus on the finished film at hand. As it stands, I really wish this was more about the criminal underworld that these characters live in. Sure, it’s a Western mixed with a crime film in the Star Wars universe, but it’s still an origin movie that revolves around a character that didn’t need one. Let’s get one thing straight here. Alden Ehrenreich is a great Han Solo. He’s just in a film with far more interesting characters.

I would love to see a whole film based on Tobias Beckett. Woody Harrelson has crafted an iconic character I would like to see more of. Imagine a film with Tobias, his girl Val played by a sorely underused Thandie Newton (she’s seriously great here) and Rio Durant set in the criminal underworld.
Hell, even a Lando Calrissian movie starring Donald Glover would be a worthwhile venture. That is a character who starts here and where he ends up in Return of the Jedi, has the most interesting story on how exactly he ended up where he did. THAT should be explored. And yes, for those of you wondering Donald is excellent as is his scene-stealing co-pilot L3-37 portrayed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge (she’s giving it her all).

This film is written by series stalwart Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jonathan. So much praise was given to this script about how good it is. As it stands, it’s decent. Most of the double crosses you can see coming from a mile. It’s standard gangster stuff mixed with Star Wars imagery. Honestly, the war parts of this made me wanna go watch Rogue One again. But seeing how Han met Chewie, got his last name (seriously this is not a joke), and how he got his blaster is so unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. The biggest waste here, however, is the Kessel Run. A throwaway line in the original film that’s been referenced again and again is brought to life here. It’s a major set piece in the film and what’s given to us doesn’t live up to legend. What I imagined the Kessel Run to be is much cooler than the CG extravaganza that brought it to life. This is the problem of making films like these, demystifying things does not help anyone. Sorry, but the big reveal on who’s really running a big criminal organization fell flat to me. This is a character that has been explored in other various mediums that I shrugged so hard Atlas felt it. I hope this isn’t explored further and once the film is out, we’ll talk about it later.

Ron Howard does inject some life into this film. How much of it is his I can’t say for sure, but at least the action is well handled here. The train robbery that you’ve seen in all the promos is so much cooler seen playing out in full. The various shootouts have much-needed life injected into them. Honestly, this is Ron’s best-directed film in a long, long time.

The true star of the show is cinematographer Bradford Young’s photography. Every frame of this is beautiful and it might beat The Last Jedi in terms of best looking Star Wars film. The imagery matches the characters in that everything is dirty and nasty and Young manages to make it look like something I would want to live in. At times, I stopped watching the film and I started admiring the imagery.

Is this a bad film? Absolutely not. There’s stuff here I love as well as some very entertaining sequences, but as a whole, it doesn’t do it for me. Die hard Star Wars fans will probably feel as if this is the best that’s been put out by Disney thus far. Everyone else can wait to catch this on DVD as Deadpool 2 works much better and is shorter than this. Seriously it got to point where I wanted this to wrap it up.

I’m still asking the question why. Even now all I have to say is Fan Service: A Star Wars Story or Solo: A Moderately Adequate Star Wars Story. Since the Star Wars train is not slowing down any time soon let’s move forward with exploring different parts of the galaxy with different characters. Don’t get me wrong, we can go to the past to tell new stories. But not like this.

America from 9:00 on:


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Solo: A Star Wars Story discussion post [View all] , bwood, Mon May-14-18 07:25 PM
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I guess the final movie didn't end up being more than the sum of it's pa...
May 15th 2018
May 15th 2018
this is actually a much better review than I expected
May 15th 2018
I personally didn't see any easter eggs.
May 15th 2018
I appreciate this review
May 15th 2018
Thanks. I tried to be as honest as possible.
May 15th 2018
      What mod? Who I gotta fight about this
May 15th 2018
           I think he means
May 16th 2018
                I feel you on 9 possibly being RTOJ II but
May 16th 2018
                     that's fair
May 16th 2018
                          This is correct.
May 16th 2018
                               Shouldn't have gotten any heat for that
May 16th 2018
I thought TLJ was the worst-looking of the new SW films
May 15th 2018
Imho its the best 'composed' but i get ya point
May 16th 2018
Canto Bight is one of my favorite SW locations ever, and yet
May 18th 2018
Only shows in TLJ I hated was the Luke and Kylo fight scene
May 18th 2018
I hated that set. No imagination. So boring.
May 18th 2018
      imagination was fine, concept was fine...
May 18th 2018
Odd, since I think it's the best-looking of any Star Wars film ever.
May 26th 2018
Forgot to say this has some wink wink, nudge nudge
May 17th 2018
May 18th 2018
My brother hated this
May 25th 2018
Liked it a lot. It’s a lot of fun.
May 25th 2018
Stuff like this will help overall canon wise
May 25th 2018
I liked more than I thought I would
May 25th 2018
RE: I liked more than I thought I would
May 26th 2018
I didn't really know what to get out of this.
May 25th 2018
This is a great article for those of you who saw it or don't plan to.
May 26th 2018
Well it was a movie
May 26th 2018
I thought it was pretty good
May 26th 2018
Fine enough. A light diversion.
May 26th 2018
The box office for this is rough
May 27th 2018
I figured this wouldn't do as well
May 27th 2018
      Rebels is what makes that cameo infuriating.
May 27th 2018
           RE: Rebels is what makes that cameo infuriating.
May 29th 2018
           I don't see what the issue is with that cameo...
Jun 01st 2018
                My bad missed this
Jun 01st 2018
Saw it (SPOILERS!)
May 27th 2018
Solo plays out like an apology for The Last Jedi
May 29th 2018
RE: Solo plays out like an apology for The Last Jedi
Jun 03rd 2018
I liked it more than I thought I would.
May 29th 2018
It was good but, it proves why the EU was/is needed
May 29th 2018
I liked this more than TFA, and TLJ
May 30th 2018
Much better than I expected - prob bc of how well it was shot
May 31st 2018
I enjoyed this. Fun movie. I also went into it without high
Jun 01st 2018
Post 32
Jun 01st 2018
not that I feel good about any movie underperforming
Jun 01st 2018
Yeah that's it. And again - I really don't even think the numbers have
Jun 01st 2018
The fans create the aura around the movie...
Jun 01st 2018
      Yes and no. Mostly naw...
Jun 01st 2018
      I agree with December releases
Jun 01st 2018
           I think it's both. But if it was dropping in December there would be mor...
Jun 01st 2018
      Lol what?
Jun 01st 2018
Jun 01st 2018
I agree with you on this...
Jun 01st 2018
      I hope they don't do a sequel
Jun 01st 2018
      Yeah Ron Howard already said no sequel. And I agree it
Jun 01st 2018
      any chance Qi-ra turns into a tv show?
Jun 01st 2018
           Not any time soon. Jon Favreau is doing a SW show set
Jun 01st 2018
                Yeah that's why I think a movie where her boss and she
Jun 01st 2018
                     I’ve seen some interesting suggestions for what is being talked
Jun 01st 2018
Solo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Infinity War
Jun 01st 2018
damn this shit is projected to fall off ~80% in its 2nd week.
Jun 02nd 2018
They really should have left it in December.
Jun 04th 2018
Star wars talk is fucn weird. This was a good movie
Jun 02nd 2018
is it moreso the loyalists that tanked this movie
Jun 02nd 2018
      The diehards
Jun 03rd 2018
           thats unfortunate. seems like a fun flick.
Jun 03rd 2018
Chewie ate humans lol?
Jun 02nd 2018
Yo...I loved this!
Sep 17th 2018
This was FAAARRRR better than i'd heard it was
Oct 17th 2018
Oct 18th 2018
Looks way better on the TV at home
Nov 12th 2018
Light fun if bland and safe.
Jan 12th 2019
I agree with a lot in here. technically impressive, but hollow.
Jan 15th 2019
One of the worst moviegoing experiences. Awful film.
Jan 16th 2019
Caught it on NEtflix...pretty fun movie. Better than Rogue One
Feb 11th 2019
really though?
Feb 11th 2019
      I thought so...yeah..
Feb 11th 2019
Feb 11th 2019
                "Felt more like a Star Wars flick"-perfect
Feb 11th 2019
very forgetable
Feb 11th 2019

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