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Mon Nov-27-17 02:22 PM

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"Anyone still watching Shameless? (S8)"



Still can be fun, but think it's time to hang it up

Frank will fuck up in another two episodes

It always cracks me up to watch women through themselves at Lip like he's some handsome ass dude and not funny looking

I love me some Emmy Rossum, but the last couple seasons Fiona droppinnn her "g"s sounds really unnatural.

Liam as a recruitment prop thing is pretty funny. I'm not used to the new kid though. That's not Liam

Ian and his new dude... don't care much

Carl is still carl but another running out of shit to do situation

Kev's real fam was pretty fun i suppose

Debs the last 3 seasons has easily been my least favorite part of the show



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Anyone still watching Shameless? (S8) [View all] , Mynoriti, Mon Nov-27-17 02:22 PM
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very obviously spinning it's wheels
Nov 27th 2017
Just decided to stop recording it...
Dec 02nd 2017
Was one of my favorites S1-S5 but then of course got Showtimed
Dec 04th 2017
this season blows major. Ended it so neatly last year
Dec 04th 2017
You're not missing anything. I'm not watching any other shows right now
Dec 04th 2017
I quit back around the time Carl quit selling guns
Dec 05th 2017
they've legit run out of shit to do with every character
Jan 08th 2018
Last ep felt like The Shameless of old
Jan 23rd 2018
yes.. it's been an age since they took it there... but they did.
Jan 24th 2018
i liked the last 3 episodes
Feb 05th 2018
Guess I'm the outlier here. Nearly everyone has an interesting arc IMO
Sep 15th 2018
aside from Lip, most of those strories fell flat to me
Sep 15th 2018
Binged season 8 a couple weeks back on Netflix.
Sep 16th 2018
It's gotten so stupid
Sep 17th 2018
right now. Carl, Frank and Liam are barely keepin me in it
Sep 24th 2018
I still watch
Sep 24th 2018
Oh I thought Season 7 was essential, but could've ended there.
Sep 25th 2018
S9, they're getting more and more annoyingly political
Oct 01st 2018
I gave up this year. After last season, I lost interest.
Oct 02nd 2018
Anyone still watch this? I gave up
Dec 12th 2019
RE: Anyone still watching Shameless? (S8)
Dec 13th 2019

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