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Subject: "Reoccurring themes in an actor/actresses career. " Previous topic | Next topic
Cold Truth
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Sat Feb-06-16 04:40 PM

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"Reoccurring themes in an actor/actresses career. "
Sat Feb-06-16 04:43 PM by Cold Truth



I.E, the James Marsden post. One thing has always stood out to me in his movies:

For some strange reason he's been cast on multiple occasions as a cuckold on some level at the hands of some guy who is usually, but not always, a seemingly lesser entity to some degree.

-X Men. His girl is basically embroiled in a long term emotional affair with the resident stray dog, Logan.

-The Notebook. He's got money, a career, and a pedigree to his name but his fiance bails for a bearded bumpkin.

-Superman Returns. Ok, it's Superman this time, but still. This time his kid isn't even his. It's Superman's. I can't even remember if Supes and Lois hookup in this one, but she still pines for him.

-Straw Dogs. Alright, this one is a little morbid but it still counts. There's not much comedic value in making fun of him for his woman banging some other dude when it's rape. He actually has to watch one of them to boot.

-Enchanted. This time he's literally Prince Charming, but some asshole lawyer steals his princess. On the flip, he steals the lawyers girl in the process.

It just seems like some other dude getting his girl is in his contract like all blue M&M's.

Also, Brad Pitt has a tendency to eat while he talks in a lot of his movies. Ocean's, Fight Club, Burn After Reading, etc.

Anyone else notice similar patterns with other actors that aren't necessarily tied to the character or movie type (i.e, Bruce Willis is always a tough as nails everyman who saves the day or Will Smith fighting aliens, robots, and killer zombie vampire mutants).


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Reoccurring themes in an actor/actresses career. [View all] , Cold Truth, Sat Feb-06-16 04:40 PM
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Halle Berry is always surprised
Feb 06th 2016
Tom Hanks is always urinating in his movies...
Feb 07th 2016
Feb 07th 2016
Judy Greer as the supposed to be unattractive best friend
Feb 07th 2016
I dunno about that 'supposed' part
Feb 07th 2016
      RE: I dunno about that 'supposed' part
Feb 08th 2016
Clifton Powell = villain.
Feb 07th 2016
if Jesse Plemmons is in a series, he's killing somebody
Feb 07th 2016
I'm pretty sure he's got some bodies in real life
Feb 07th 2016

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