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30. "RE: FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Recommend a lesser-known 2014 film here."
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I'd highly recommend trying to see Breakup Buddies. It's a Chinese film, but I know it had some domestic distro because it was playing in theatres in Toronto. In one sense, its just a well done buddy rom-com type film, guy gets divorced and his crazy film-making friend takes him on a road trip to get him over it and find new love - its based on the director's actual experience with his writer friend. Within it though is some nice filming - I really liked what he did in the opening shot while credits rolled - and a simple twist to the storytelling that in a film of such a predictable genre feels brilliant and I think deserves to be seen.

One of my personal favourite films last year was Tu Dors Nicole. Its French-Canadian, was described as absurdist and brilliantly observes when it was received well at Cannes, and I'd say that's a fair description. A girl's just finished school, can't sleep at night, and nothing's happening in her life, and the movie just pulls you into that. It has a unique sense of humour that could either have you laughing out loud or giggling uncontrollably long after everyone else is over the joke (that actually happened in the theatre and lead to a second round of people laughing for no reason).

America needs to look out for What We Do In The Shadows, Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clement's new film, which I believe is just getting a theatrical release in some cities next weekend. It is a Hilarious 'documentary' about vampires that have been living in New Zealand all this time. If you're interested in checking out a unique action flick, try to find out about The Dead Lands. It's also from NZ, and is a sort of ancient martial arts type flick based entirely on a maori style of craved weapons and fighting. It might not do anything on the level of say The Raid, but it is unlike anything you will see anywhere else, and even the things that seem ridiculous and comical are based on legitimately real aspects of their tribal culture while still making for a simple, straightforward over-the-top and possibly corny action flick with high production value.

okpers might be interested in May Allah Bless France, debut feature by a french rapper/poet/writer who made a movie based on his memoir. Possibly flawed, but worth seeing. Catching these films in a festival environment sometimes leaves me overhyped possibly, but it also makes it pretty obvious when something's bad and I definitely didn't feel that way.

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FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Recommend a lesser-known 2014 film here. [View all] , Frank Longo, Tue Jan-13-15 01:38 PM
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For example, here are some of mine:
Jan 13th 2015
RE: For example, here are some of mine:
Feb 01st 2015
Under the Skin
Jan 13th 2015
STRETCH (dir: Carnahan)
Jan 13th 2015
why don't you play in hell was the best film i saw last year
Jan 14th 2015
Force Majeure
Jan 14th 2015
Seeing this today.
Jan 14th 2015
Interested to get your thoughts on the ending & the movie overall
Jan 14th 2015
      i thought this movie ruled. Everyone should see it.
Jan 31st 2015
liked this one a lot
Jan 15th 2015
planning to see this over the weekend.
Jan 15th 2015
Kill The Messenger
Jan 14th 2015
a list:
Jan 14th 2015
My three recommendations were covered here
Jan 15th 2015
Starred Up was probably my favorite movie I saw this year
Jan 20th 2015
so many indie films came out last year:
Jan 14th 2015
dom motherfucking hemingway.
Jan 14th 2015
Jan 14th 2015
it's a shame that that performance generated zero awards buzz...
Jan 14th 2015
      Forgot about it til you mentioned it but jeah, criminally overlooked
Jan 15th 2015
Jude killed it here.
Jan 19th 2015
Some of these have been mentioned already
Jan 15th 2015
Dear White People
Jan 15th 2015
Before I Disappear
Jan 22nd 2015
Frank (its on netflix)
Jan 27th 2015
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
Jan 27th 2015
Jan 29th 2015
the Congress
Feb 02nd 2015
couldn't find another post
Feb 26th 2017
RE: Kill the messenger
Feb 02nd 2015
National Gallery (Wiseman)
Feb 12th 2015

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