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Frank Longo
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Tue Jan-13-15 01:41 PM

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1. "For example, here are some of mine: "
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I'm only including ones which I know all of you can see right now.

- The Babadook. Even if you don't find it terribly scary (I did), this story of a single mom, her troubled child, and the eerie book she finds on her shelf one day is directed with exceptionally confident style and is anchored by one hell of a leading lady perfomance in Essie Davis. William Friedkin, the director of The Exorcist, called it "the scariest film I've ever seen." Even if you disagree, you're likely to agree that it's incredibly well-made. And it's available on VOD for you.

Best Picture
Best Director- Jennifer Kent
Best Actress- Essie Davis

- The Double. Richard Ayoade does his best Terry Gilliam impression here, with the story of a man in a futuristic society whose dull life is thrown for a loop when his exact replica is hired by his office... and no one seems to notice that they're identical, because his replica is so much cooler than he is. Eisenberg is perfect for both roles, and the visuals here are superb. Fans of Gilliam should take note: it's better Gilliam than the Terry Gilliam film that came out this year. And it's available on VOD for you.

Best Picture
Best Director- Richard Ayoade
Best Cinematography

- Locke. Tom Hardy in a car for 80 minutes, talking about concrete. That sounds incredibly boring. It's not. At all. Do yourself a favor and check this out on VOD.

Best Picture
Best Actor- Tom Hardy
Best Screenplay- Steven Knight

- Obvious Child. Jenny Slate stars in what is reductively being called an "abortion romcom." Really, it's just a smart and warm comedy, showcasing Slate as a lot more than "that girl who said fuck on SNL." Fellas: this is a great date movie if you are fortunate enough to have a girlfriend/wife with taste. And it's available on VOD for you.

Best Picture
Best Actress- Jenny Slate
Best Screenplay- Gillian Robespierre

- Why Don't You Play In Hell? Here's the description: "In Japan, young gonzo filmmakers called the Fuck Bombers hatch a three-pronged plan to save an actress's career, end a yakuza war and make a hit movie." It's insanely violent, absolutely bananas, gorgeously shot, and a hell of a lot of fun. And-- yep-- available on VOD for you.

Best Picture
Best Director- Sion Sono

Finally, if Two Days, One Night is playing near you... the Dardennes. Marion Cotillard. So money. Go check it out.

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FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Recommend a lesser-known 2014 film here. [View all] , Frank Longo, Tue Jan-13-15 01:38 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
RE: For example, here are some of mine:
Feb 01st 2015
Under the Skin
Jan 13th 2015
STRETCH (dir: Carnahan)
Jan 13th 2015
why don't you play in hell was the best film i saw last year
Jan 14th 2015
Force Majeure
Jan 14th 2015
Seeing this today.
Jan 14th 2015
Interested to get your thoughts on the ending & the movie overall
Jan 14th 2015
      i thought this movie ruled. Everyone should see it.
Jan 31st 2015
liked this one a lot
Jan 15th 2015
planning to see this over the weekend.
Jan 15th 2015
Kill The Messenger
Jan 14th 2015
a list:
Jan 14th 2015
My three recommendations were covered here
Jan 15th 2015
Starred Up was probably my favorite movie I saw this year
Jan 20th 2015
so many indie films came out last year:
Jan 14th 2015
dom motherfucking hemingway.
Jan 14th 2015
Jan 14th 2015
it's a shame that that performance generated zero awards buzz...
Jan 14th 2015
      Forgot about it til you mentioned it but jeah, criminally overlooked
Jan 15th 2015
Jude killed it here.
Jan 19th 2015
Some of these have been mentioned already
Jan 15th 2015
Dear White People
Jan 15th 2015
Before I Disappear
Jan 22nd 2015
Frank (its on netflix)
Jan 27th 2015
A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
Jan 27th 2015
Jan 29th 2015
the Congress
Feb 02nd 2015
couldn't find another post
Feb 26th 2017
RE: Kill the messenger
Feb 02nd 2015
RE: FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: Recommend a lesser-known 2014 film here.
Feb 03rd 2015
National Gallery (Wiseman)
Feb 12th 2015

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