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Sun Jul-06-14 09:29 PM

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"Life Itself (Roger Ebert doc) (James, 2014)"
Sun Jul-06-14 05:23 PM by ZooTown74



A lovely and imperfect elegy to a lovely and imperfect person. Hard to watch in spots. Hilarious in other spots. Quite moving in others.

Roger was a great writer, a film-and-titty-and-booze-loving guy's guy who eventually became a gentleman, with the help of his wife Chaz, who is a beautiful black woman. Roger had two soul mates: Chaz, and Gene Siskel. His relationships with both aren't perfect, and the movie is honest about that fact, which alone makes it worthy of respect. If you've seen the YouTube outtakes of the At the Movies promos, then you already know. And there's some nice anecdotes from Marty, Ava DuVernay, Richard Corliss, and others.

As has been pointed out elsewhere, I didn't quite agree with a section that tried to equate the work of Andrew Sarris and (especially) Pauline Kael with that of a hoity-toity cinema snob, in an attempt to paint Roger as her polar opposite. I have not read very much Kael, but the stuff I read was right in line with his style of populist-yet-still-intelligent film criticism.

Y'all can hate critics as much as you need to, but I'm fitna dig into these essays on film criticism (and specifically, Corliss' essay regarding Ebert's style of film criticism for the masses) that were touched upon in the film.

Touching shit, dun. Might catch you all up in your feels.

Funcrusher Plus


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Life Itself (Roger Ebert doc) (James, 2014) [View all] , ZooTown74, Sun Jul-06-14 09:29 PM
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I loved it. Had me walking around the block & thinking about my family
Jul 06th 2014
Dope, appreciated, Ima check it
Jul 07th 2014
Chaz is gorgeous to me
Jul 07th 2014
Yo, the Ava DuVernay portion...
Jul 08th 2014
Same. Maybe the most moving part.
Jul 15th 2014
Terrific, as is to be expected from James.
Jul 15th 2014
Btw, I don't think Kael stylistically is nearly as populist as Ebert.
Jul 15th 2014
Good sendoff for the GOAT...anyone else curious why they
Dec 09th 2014
I didn't think they needed it from a narrative perspective.
Dec 09th 2014
      I don't disagree, but it WAS a part of Rog's life and career
Dec 09th 2014
           Roeper played no part in the "ascent" narrative.
Dec 10th 2014
                What were Roeper's comments? in general
Dec 10th 2014
I cried.
Dec 09th 2014
surprisingly I didn't, but I got close a couple times
Dec 09th 2014
RE: Life Itself (Roger Ebert doc) (James, 2014)
Jan 22nd 2015
FYI this is streaming on Netflix now
Mar 20th 2015

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