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Frank Longo
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Tue Jun-17-14 05:13 PM

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19. "Young audiences are the main target of studios."
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>>This is the history of the studio system-- formula.
>>exceptions peek through the cracks, but it's always been
>well, sure, and i would even add that formulas more or less
>work. still, if i can look back a bit with my rose colored
>glasses, this seems like thee most formulaic time in decades
>if not movie history. it seems if you are an adult and want
>some intelligence and thoughtfulness at your maturity level
>and outside of a superhero context, you have to look to the
>arthouse, wait out the dryspell until the narrow window of
>oscar season when everything comes out at once, or stay at
>home like you said, and none of those is really fair to the
>average moviegoer who had more options at the multiplexes in
>the not too distant past. it's nice to live on the east or
>west coast, but not everyone can make a limited NY or LA
>engagement or has an arthouse theater nearby for short runs.
>concentrating all of the good grownup movies in november and
>december is leaving money on the table. i know i wanted to see
>even more movies on the big screen than i did last oscar
>season, but most of us can't manage to see them all before
>they leave theaters, replaced by the more formulaic genre fare
>that sticks around a couple months. some of these critically
>acclaimed films never even make it to the multiplexes even for
>a week (even in the DC area), but i think they would have in a
>past era before the superhero explosion. i'm talking about
>films from arms of major studios, not true indies. i totally
>get that it's about money, but i think hollywood is so caught
>up in the tween and teen mindset that it misses chances with
>underserved demographics, and what gets made and how it is
>marketed and distributed has a rippledown/cyclical effect with
>what people see. it's a shame to have 20+ screens showing less
>than 10 movies, but obviously it reflects the ticket sales.

That's all well and good, but none of those things are true because Hollywood makes six superhero films a year. Those things are true because the profit margins are thinner on most adult dramas, and there isn't a huge outcry for the indie shit outside of the big cities. If there was, movies would go there and have sustained runs. Superhero films don't make things the way they are, the audience does.

And you see more female-led and black-led films now than ever, because female audiences and black audiences are rallying to those movies nationwide. Hollywood follows the money. Always has.

>>Yeah, this ain't a fad. Now that technology supports making
>>big comic book movies, they aren't going anywhere.
>most of the major characters have already made it to the big
>screen in the last 14 years. you can only reboot superman,
>batman, and spiderman so many times within a generation, but
>maybe i am underestimating hollywood's desperation and
>people's appetite for the familiar. maybe the people who see
>comic book movies aren't tiring of them--i'm still going--but
>i know there are moviegoers out there who feel they don't have
>as many choices most of the year as they feel they should
>because the movies that are available to them are aimed at
>young audiences.

If young audiences keep going, they'll keep making them. And young audiences will keep going.

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SUPERHERO FLICKS: Who needs to get their own film? [View all] , Wordsmith, Mon Jun-16-14 03:07 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
World War Hulk is a story I'd love to see on the big screen
Jun 16th 2014
Jun 17th 2014
Planet Hulk after Avengers 2?
Jun 17th 2014
the problem with Hulk movies is they do not own the rights to Hulk
Aug 31st 2021
      RE: the problem with Hulk movies is they do not own the rights to Hulk
Sep 01st 2021
but they did a big chunk of it (sorta) in Ragnarok
Sep 01st 2021
Howard the Duck should be reboot. Also, I'd love to pitch a Speedball fl...
Jun 17th 2014
i think i'd feel the same about a Howard the Duck reboot
Jun 17th 2014
^inside knowledge
Aug 04th 2014
      Man, the second that whole thing was confirmed....
Aug 04th 2014
Alan Moore's Swamp Thing and Alan Moore Presents Miracleman
Jun 17th 2014
what did you think of the 2 '80s Swamp Thing movies?
Jun 17th 2014
Miracleman may work better as a cable series or on Netflix.
May 26th 2015
agreed. His run was AWESOME.
May 26th 2015
The Authority
Jun 17th 2014
Oh, and I'd love someone to tackle the Invisibles
Jun 17th 2014
If the script is good? Literally ANY of them.
Jun 17th 2014
saturation point
Jun 17th 2014
      I hugely disagree.
Jun 17th 2014
      RE: I hugely disagree.
Jun 17th 2014
           It's simple mathematics (c)
Jun 17th 2014
                RE: It's simple mathematics (c)
Jun 17th 2014
                     Two big disagreements:
Jun 17th 2014
                          RE: Two big disagreements:
Jun 17th 2014
                                    RE: Young audiences are the main target of studios.
Jun 17th 2014
May 25th 2015
      it's beginning to look a lot like christmas...
Aug 19th 2021
Suicide Squad
Jun 17th 2014
Deadpool - and make it R rated
Jun 17th 2014
Jun 17th 2014
The Black Panther (T'Challa)
Jun 17th 2014
talk about coming full circle
Sep 24th 2021
RE: SUPERHERO FLICKS: Who needs to get their own film?
Jun 17th 2014
RE: SUPERHERO FLICKS: Who needs to get their own film?
Jun 17th 2014
Tell me about the appeal of Deadpool.
Jun 18th 2014
in the right hands, he's an unkillable Hard R version of Spiderman
May 26th 2015
I'm pretty sure Nemesis got the greenlight
Jun 19th 2014
      RE: I'm pretty sure Nemesis got the greenlight
Aug 04th 2014
Slightly off-subject: Deadpool doesn't have to be rated R
Jun 17th 2014
Wonder Man, he has an odd but interesting story
Jun 18th 2014
Too confusing
Jun 18th 2014
      OG Torch and Vision are both in the MCU
Jun 18th 2014
      I think it gets more convoluted AFTER he gets his powers
Jun 18th 2014
I'm still waiting on that Robert Rodriguez directed MadMan
Jun 18th 2014
Can I get just any female or minority superhero?
Jun 18th 2014
Aug 04th 2014
i dont know about his own film
Aug 04th 2014
Rai and Bloodshot
Aug 05th 2014
The ones I want have characters in different studios
Aug 05th 2014
Y: The Last Man needs to be a AMC series. Spread it out over
May 26th 2015
'Y: The Last Man' TV Series in the Works at FX (swipe)
Nov 02nd 2015
      So they're finally going to try and do this
Nov 03rd 2015
           Comes out in something like a week now! lol
Aug 31st 2021
                I WAS super hype for this, but after what was done to Preacher....
Sep 01st 2021
Aug 31st 2021
I want the Blue Marvel in something ASAP.
Sep 15th 2021
HBO MAX needs to make a Boys-like show for The Authority
Sep 15th 2021
The Wolfpack (Marvel) by Larry Hama would make a good mini series
Sep 24th 2021

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