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Subject: "Beware the Batman officially thrown in the bushes (swipe)" Previous topic | Next topic
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Wed Oct-23-13 03:15 PM

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"Beware the Batman officially thrown in the bushes (swipe)"



it takes effort to make a Batman cartoon that sucks this bad so i'm glad it got pulled. back to the fucking drawing board.

Is history repeating itself? Beware the Batman fans are getting nervous after Cartoon Network made the abrupt decision to pull the animated series from the schedule. Originally, a new episode was slated to air this coming Saturday, but not only is that not occuring, but they aren't airing a repeat of Beware the Batman - instead, two episodes of Teen Titans Go! will air in the DC Nation one-hour programming block. The @NickandMore Twitter account first noted the change.

We checked with Cartoon Network and were told, "Currently, Beware the Batman is no longer on our air. DC Nation will continue on Saturday mornings at 10/9c with new exclusive shorts and a full hour of encore episodes of Teen Titans Go!" For now, no explanation has been given for why Beware has been pulled, though it's likely that the ratings for the show are the cold, hard issue. Beware the Batman is not nearly as successful as Teen Titans Go! and is not performing as strongly as the previous Batman series, Batman: The Brave and the Bold.

It was a year ago this month that Cartoon Network abruptly pulled new episodes of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series from their schedule. While the shows would eventually air all the completed episodes, that was it for them, with both being cancelled.

So when will Beware the Batman return? The voice of Batman on the series, Anthony Ruivivar, tweeted that the series would return in January, however, that hasn't been confirmed by Cartoon Network as yet.

Beware the Batman has aired 11 of its 26 episode first season order, so there is still plenty more to see.

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Beware the Batman officially thrown in the bushes (swipe) [View all] , BrooklynWHAT, Wed Oct-23-13 03:15 PM
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Damn, I actually liked that show.
Oct 23rd 2013
it was awful
Oct 23rd 2013
They'll do it like they did Scooby-Doo: Mystery Incorporated
Oct 23rd 2013
.....and JLU, the old Teen Titans, etc.
Oct 23rd 2013
      They resent having anything that doesn't help them beat Nick & Disney.
Oct 23rd 2013
           i get saving your prime spots for money making
Oct 24th 2013
                CN is a dead (and sometimes distant) third
Oct 24th 2013
                     is that why they've been trying those live action shows?
Oct 28th 2013
Oct 28th 2013
Hilarious. Beware the Batman #1 drops today.
Oct 24th 2013
BtBM was last month's happy meal toys too
Oct 24th 2013
      DC's kids books have been in a shambles though
Oct 30th 2013
           B:TBATB wasn't going to get past 65 episodes.
Oct 30th 2013
                Looks to me like it made 65 exactly
Oct 30th 2013
                     despite both being owned by WB
Oct 30th 2013
                          For a while, they had 'Johnny DC' cranking out 3 decent-to-good
Oct 30th 2013
Just remove the DC comic shows from Cartoon network and
Oct 24th 2013
Action shows are having a hard time finding an audience
Oct 24th 2013
How bout not taking off Thundercats and Young Justice, k?
Oct 24th 2013
its not their fault people ain't watching
Oct 29th 2013
      there are a LOT of wack ass cartoons
Oct 29th 2013
      RE: there are a LOT of wack ass cartoons
Oct 29th 2013
Oct 29th 2013
      1. you can't get decent syndiue money for a cartoon show
Oct 29th 2013
           RE: 1. you can't get decent syndiue money for a cartoon show
Oct 30th 2013
      i just dont think kids these days like action cartoons in the same way.
Oct 29th 2013
           these action shows are either phoned in
Oct 29th 2013
           Most kids' action shows have always been phoned in.
Oct 29th 2013
Oct 29th 2013
           Kids these days have too many options
Oct 29th 2013
Remaining eps to air on Toonami
Apr 21st 2014
3 AM? My goodness
Apr 21st 2014

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