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Mon Apr-21-14 02:36 PM

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20. "Finally saw this last weekend"
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....i agree with the other posters who liked it....they played the tone of it just right, and while alot of it defies logic, you should expect that of ANY action movie...the racing scenes were really well only real gripe was that i wished Johnson had more to do in this....i knew she looked mad familiar but i thought she was ole girl from Arrow til the credits...

i don't really know anything about Cudi, but he was cool....

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Need for Speed (Waugh, 2014) starring Aaron Paul & Kid Cudi [View all] , bwood, Mon Jun-02-14 02:23 PM
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RE: Need for Speed (Waugh, 2014) starring Aaron Paul & Kid Cudi
Sep 26th 2013
:24. I was there!
Sep 26th 2013
Crudi was shocked as shit when he realized this wasn't Need for Weed
Sep 26th 2013
Whatever they filmed near my job,
Sep 26th 2013
They filmed by mine too.
Sep 26th 2013
im amazed this really got made.
Sep 26th 2013
kid cudi? is this a DONDA production?
Sep 26th 2013
This new trailer has me suped excited!!!
Nov 18th 2013
It's filling the void the FF series left with fast car races.
Nov 18th 2013
i'm surprised he went this route for his first theatrical starring role
Nov 18th 2013
Yea it looks dumb as shit, but I still want to see it. New trailers.
Feb 03rd 2014
Feb 03rd 2014
They might as well make this the theme song for the movie
Feb 03rd 2014
This shit is getting a last minute 3D conversion *swipe*
Feb 04th 2014
I caught a screening... And, I gotta say, it isn't bad.
Feb 21st 2014
I agree with phenompyrus.
Mar 10th 2014
Oh and the 3D is bullshit.
Mar 11th 2014
I think we may be alone on this though.
Mar 13th 2014
They filmed a bunch of the driving scenes around the corner
Mar 11th 2014

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