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Sat Mar-30-13 01:59 AM

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10. "The problem is stupid solutions to plot holes"
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Hulk seems to think that proofs can just set whatever rules they want. But if you're trying to solve a real world problem (and most films with "plot holes" are set in the real world), you can't just throw in a rule "2 + 2 = 591". Especially if your reasoning for why that rule was set was "Well, if it's not then none of this shit works." That's called a failed proof. Not a proof that we should stop overthinking and sit back and enjoy.

Most of this article is arguing semantics. There are very few honest-to-goodness plotholes because people usually try to make up some shit to cover their tracks. Once in a blue moon, they just hope they did a good enough job to make you overlook it, ala Ocean's 11, in which there's no explanation to how they got the fake bags with the stripper fliers into the vault. Even Soderbergh has admitted that it's unexplained and doesn't really have a possible explanation. Now, there are other plot holes that people can overlook (ala how did a powerless Superman get back from the Fortress of Solitude in Superman II? Was there a private jet?) but Ocean's 11 is a film about a complex heist in which the key to the heist is basically pulled off by magic. I overlooked it when watching the film but I'm not going to tell someone, "STOP THINKING" if they caught it and it bugged them.

But, again, that's once in a blue moon. Most of the time, the problem is a stupid solutions to the problem. The Dark Knight Rises doesn't have plot holes per se, it just has countless stupid explanations for why the plot would go from A to B. So, really, all this article should have said was, "THEY AREN'T PLOT HOLES. THEY ARE PLOT DEVICES. AND DON'T COMPLAIN ABOUT THEM WHEN THEY TAKE YOU OUT OF A MOVIE; IT'S YOUR FAULT FOR OVERTHINKING!"



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The Trouble With Bickering About "Plot Holes" (long swipe) [View all] , Frank Longo, Fri Mar-29-13 01:31 PM
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I don't give a fuck what he's saying as long as his caps lock is on.
Mar 29th 2013
lol, yeah, it's pretty annoying as far as stylistic choices go.
Mar 29th 2013
I'm not gonna read this, but just from vaguely skimming
Mar 29th 2013
More or less. It's unquestionably filtering into the mainstream now thou...
Mar 29th 2013
      okay... I don't think this is even true.
Mar 29th 2013
           No. See, this is why I shouldn't have tried to summarize, lol.
Mar 30th 2013
                No you didn't
Mar 30th 2013
Fuck this guy and whatever he's got to say.
Mar 29th 2013
I made the whole thing lowercase since that asshole wouldn't.
Mar 29th 2013
this seems like an insanely long-winded way of denying Looper sucked
Mar 29th 2013
TL;DR version: Film Critic Hulk should be retired.
Apr 01st 2013
I stay on but there is no reason why this should be
Apr 01st 2013

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