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Subject: "ok. Officially out. I will catch the series in one swoop when the " Previous topic | Next topic
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Mon Mar-25-13 10:18 PM

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10. "ok. Officially out. I will catch the series in one swoop when the "
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season is over. It is not the type of show that can keep my interest enough for me to make it a once a week must see. I do not like the relationship between Norma and Dylan. It irks me. Norman seems to smile too much, and it irks me. The whole girls being all over him also doesn't come off right. The girl's dad burning in his Audi, and the reactions do not come off right. It is just the type of show I will watch at the end of the season on a day I have time, on a streaming service.


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Bates Motel [View all] , MC_LOGIC, Tue Mar-19-13 02:28 PM
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I'm in for another episode.
Mar 20th 2013
I'm about it, starts a bit slow but man Vera and young Norman
Mar 20th 2013
Good start
Mar 20th 2013
RE: Bates Motel
Mar 21st 2013
RE: Bates Motel
Mar 21st 2013
Mar 21st 2013
The dialogue is trying, but I'll give it a few eps.
Mar 21st 2013
it is ok......have to go a few more episodes to know which way
Mar 21st 2013
the teen scenes are unrealistic
Mar 22nd 2013
i forgot about the show already.
Mar 26th 2013
I'm done as well.
Mar 27th 2013
I feel like they're setting soemthing up with the Norma and Dylan
Mar 26th 2013
THAT'S what's been bugging me about this show
Mar 28th 2013
im in. i dig the odd vibe.
Mar 27th 2013

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