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Tue Jul-29-14 03:34 AM

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"Hercules (un film de Brett Ratner, 2014)"
Fri Jul-25-14 07:17 PM by ZooTown74



Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson casted to play Hercules

Sadly Brett Ratner is directing. Now if we can just get this Shazam movie to start happening again with The Rock as Black Adam.

MGM has closed a deal with Dwayne Johnson to star in Brett Ratner's "Hercules," which will start production this October in New Zealand.

Studio confirmed Johnson's casting nearly two weeks after Variety first reported that the former WWE star was in talks for the coveted action role.

Scribe Ryan Condal adapted Steve Moore's graphic novel "Hercules: The Thracian War," which debuted in May 2008 via Radical Publishing.

MGM's Roger Birnbaum, Gary Barber and Jonathan Glickman will produce with Peter Berg and his Film 44 partner Sarah Aubrey, as well as Barry Levine of Radical Pictures, whose Jesse Berger will exec produce.

Over the last several years, Johnson has emerged as one of Hollywood's leading action stars. He co-starred in "Fast Five," the highest-grossing film in the "Fast and Furious" franchise, and he currently toplines "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island," which is already outperforming the worldwide gross of the original pic starring Brendan Fraser. Thesp, who's currently prepping for his role as a law-breaking bodybuilder in Michael Bay's "Pain and Gain," next stars in Paramount's action sequel "G.I. Joe: Retaliation."

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Hercules (un film de Brett Ratner, 2014) [View all] , ShinobiShaw, Tue Jul-29-14 03:34 AM
Subject Author Message Date ID
can you....
Mar 07th 2012
ugh, can I just get my damned shazam movie already!?
Mar 08th 2012
      I don't want a Shazam! movie anymore.
Mar 10th 2012
a none blonde hercules its a miracle
Mar 08th 2012
Umm call it like it is: A PREDOMINANT ISLAMIC BLACK Hercules
Mar 08th 2012
Where'd you get the islamic part?
Mar 09th 2012
Mar 12th 2012
plenty of non-blondes have played Hercules.
Mar 09th 2012
      you right
Mar 10th 2012
           I pretend Sorbo never existed.
Mar 10th 2012
                You take that back!
Mar 10th 2012
                WORD YO
Jul 29th 2014
                I just went back and watched Hercules on netflix
Mar 12th 2012
I'm looking forward to it
Mar 09th 2012
this will be pretty awful
Mar 09th 2012
I just got done reading the script....
Mar 10th 2012
you read the whole script, or a brett ratner movie
Mar 12th 2012
      RE: you read the whole script, or a brett ratner movie
Mar 12th 2012
They are going to kill The Rock with this shit
Jun 28th 2013
Did you see the daily meal plan he posted?
Jun 28th 2013
Lion Blood
Jun 28th 2013
Jun 29th 2013
Jun 29th 2013
I've decided to embrace the awful
Jul 25th 2014
LOL @ Y'all gonna kill this movie, but it's a cool summer flick.
Jul 27th 2014
This was enjoyable. Good cast, some strong action. Ratner's best.
Jul 29th 2014
RE: This was enjoyable. Good cast, some strong action. Ratner's best.
Jul 31st 2014
It was fun
Aug 03rd 2014

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