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Wed Nov-24-10 03:21 AM

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"The King's Speech (Hooper, 2010)"
Thu Nov-25-10 12:10 PM by ZooTown74



Ladies and gentlemen, I have seen what is (right now) a dark horse Best Picture candidate, and it is called The King's Speech, a (fact-based) story about the man who would become King George VI (Colin Firth) and his serious problem with stuttering. But since he initially has no real desire to become a ruler, he believes it's no big deal. His wife, the soon-to-be Queen Elizabeth (Helena Bonham Carter, back in Howards End babyface mode), thinks otherwise, and hires a speech specialist named Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush) to help her husband out.

I'm going to go ahead now and say go ahead and give Oscar nominations to the following people: Director Tom Hooper, Screenwriter David Seidler (though it appears the script was heavily rewritten), Composer Alexandre Desplait, Helena Bonham Carter, Geoffrey Rush, and Colin Firth.

Ah, yes, Colin Firth. He hooks you in the very first scene of the movie, as he, at this time only known as the Duke of York, has to give a speech in front of a packed house at Wembley Stadium. Firth shows you the heartbreak of the moment by using nothing but his eyes. Makes you want to root for the guy to work through his issues and get over the fact that he, through a series of events, is going to become king... I thought it was a stellar performance, topping the work he did last year in A Single Man...

Some might argue that Geoffrey Rush is just putting on another variation of the "crazy renegade" character that he's played before, but I'd say that's not really the case here. He's a guy who's quite confident in his skills but also completely awed (and somewhat embarrassed) by the fact that he's literally been handpicked to help royalty out... it's a fun performance from him...

In fact the script is quite witty and includes some bon mots that apparently were actually spoken by George and Lionel... even still, it's very good work here by Seidler (and whomever else)... I was also impressed with Tom Hooper's work (didn't see John Adams), particularly the way he and DP Danny Cohen frames a lot of the shots...

Yes, this is yet another British period piece that's gunning for awards but to me this movie really isn't like other pieces, mainly because this is a surprisingly spry story of an unlikely friendship and isn't really concerned with class issues... I certainly thought it was a lot of fun... and that the R-rating that this movie got is TOTAL and COMPLETE BULLSHIT.

BTW, if you watch Nurse Jackie be on the lookout for a barely-recognizable Eve "Dr. O'Hara" Best in a small but pivotal role...


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The King's Speech (Hooper, 2010) [View all] , ZooTown74, Wed Nov-24-10 03:21 AM
Subject Author Message Date ID
everything I've heard about it so far makes me want to see it
Nov 24th 2010
Saw this shit 3 weeks ago....
Nov 25th 2010
love Firth as an actor so I will give this a shot .
Nov 25th 2010
100% agree, this film is gonna grab a few statues (deservedly)
Nov 27th 2010
Great movie. One of the best (if not the best) about royalty I've seen.
Dec 18th 2010
RE: The King's Speech (Hooper, 2010)
Dec 19th 2010
I liked it.
Dec 25th 2010
this was great
Jan 02nd 2011
Firth was awe inspiring. Rush was fantastic. Great movie.
Jan 03rd 2011
no way!
Jan 06th 2011
      RE: no way!
Jan 06th 2011
Haven't seen Blue Valentine, The Fighter or 127 Hours
Jan 08th 2011
I was surprised I liked this more than The Social Network
Jan 14th 2011
this will sound like an exageration, but its not
Jan 23rd 2011
joining the lovefest.
Jan 23rd 2011
Jan 23rd 2011
RE: Underwhelmed
Jan 23rd 2011
RE: Underwhelmed
Jan 23rd 2011
      interesting switch up there
Jan 24th 2011
           Well, I think he's saying that he needs the exact historical context
Jan 24th 2011
                RE: Well, I think he's saying that he needs the exact historical context
Jan 24th 2011
                     Kinda agree with you.
Jan 31st 2011
                          Stuttering is debilitating.
Jan 31st 2011
                               I had a speech impediment when I was a kid.
Jan 31st 2011
                                    Fair enough.
Jan 31st 2011
Did you / are you gonna see Weir's new flick?
Jan 24th 2011
Jan 24th 2011
It was enjoyable
Jan 28th 2011
dark horse no longer
Jan 31st 2011
Why was it rated R anyway?
Jan 31st 2011
He dropped the F bomb more than once in a non-sexual context
Jan 31st 2011
      that's lame. a 'fuck' here and there never hurt anyone.
Feb 02nd 2011
that movie is fucking awesome. period.
Jan 31st 2011
Jan 31st 2011
Why The King's Speech is a gross falsification (Swipe)
Feb 02nd 2011

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